Dashcam footage shows dramatic moment a tractor trailer narrowly misses hitting another truck

May 25, 2017 3:17 pm Last Updated: May 25, 2017 3:17 pm

Three people have a lot to be thankful for after dashcam footage of a frighteningly close call surfaces.

According to The Age, the video, which was uploaded to a YouTube channel that posts dashcam footage from all over Australia, began when a truck driver pulled over to see if a woman was alright. Apparently she had accidentally driven over a tree which had fallen across the road. While the two were talking and figuring out what to do, another truck came into view.

As soon as the truck rounded the corner, the truck drive realized the road block and slammed on his brakes.

The man and the woman screamed and watched as the tractor trailer came barreling towards them. The back end of the trailer swings into the other lane and looks as though it is going to hit the other truck head on.

At the last second the back end swings back into the other lane and misses the truck, however it does crash into the woman’s parked car.

Miraculously no one was injured, however the woman’s car sustained a lot of damage.

You might want to hold your breath as you watch the extremely close call in the video below: