Daring girl catches catfish with her bare hands

April 30, 2017 8:02 pm Last Updated: April 30, 2017 8:02 pm

Have you ever heard of “noodling”?

It’s a rare type of fishing that will leave you reeling, pun intended. Watch and see how it works, as one girl proves she isn’t afraid to get her hands – and her entire arm for that matter – a little dirty.

Noodling is the name given for catching catfish with something a bit less traditional than a hook and a pole. What’s the bait, you may be wondering? Your own arm. We’ll give that a minute to sink in. Apparently, adventure junkies will submerge their entire bodies in muddy lakes and wave their arms around inside the deep burrows, made by catfish, until the fish actually takes the bait and latches on.

You guessed it, that means the fisherman (or fisherwoman, as it were) has their entire arm stuck down the throat of the massive fish. The other arm works to control the flailing beast by holding down its gills. This video shows as one girl, named Hannah, shows off her noodling skill for a couple of guys, displaying she’s not afraid to play with the big boys.

As one man records, another squats in the murky water beside Hannah. He watches as she submerges herself below the surface, and squirms around for a while, before coming back to the surface laughing. We don’t understand why until moments later, when she swings a giant catfish over her shoulder, its mouth clamped over her entire arm.

From off camera we hear “That’s what I’m talkin’ bout Hannah, hold that big ol’ fish!”.