Dad told her to go back to school instead of pursuing music. But watch when she steps in front of judges

Their expressions says it all
February 3, 2018 5:28 pm Last Updated: February 3, 2018 5:28 pm

20-year-old Kendyle Paige Wolven from Circleville, New York, has always wanted to make a name for herself in the music industry. She eagerly shared her music online and across social media, while dreaming of performing for people on a national level.

However, despite putting so much of her passion into her work, she was still making ends meet by working in a music store.

Growing concerned, her father gave her an ultimatum.

Wolven’s father cared about his daughter and wanted her to be successful—as a result, he told her she had until the end of 2018 to make her dreams come true, or else she’d have to return to school.

Wolven was worried, but she refused to be deterred.

One day, Wolven was watching a TV program, when something got her attention. It was Fox’s new show The Four, a reality singing competition, and the announcer said they were accepting auditions from people who wanted to be on the show.

Wolven decided to audition for the television show The Four.

Wolven sent the producers a few online examples of her singing along with information about herself. She was utterly shocked when the next day the producers gave her a call.

“At first, I thought it was a prank call,” Wolven said, according to “I laughed a little bit. I was just in such awe. It was such an awesome moment for me, and I knew if I went into it, win or lose, it would be a big step.”

Wolven accepted the offer and recorded her appearance for the show.

On the show, a selection of four singers are challenged every week by additional singers hoping to claim their seat as a member of “The Four.” First a challenger will perform for a celebrity panel consisting of Meghan Trainor, Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Charlie Walk—and if they are given unanimous approval, they go up against a member of “The Four.”

“I work ten times harder under pressure,” Wolven said. “So with this deadline coming up with my dad and this one shot in front of these ‘crazy’ people in the (music) industry, I was like, ‘This is your one shot, and you better make it count.’”

For Wolven’s performance, which aired on January 25, she sang Me, Myself & I, by G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha. She earned praise from the judges and was allowed to challenge “The Four” member, Zhavia, in a battle that she ended up winning.

Wolven is now a member of “The Four.”

After winning her challenge, Wolven will continue to appear on the show until she either loses to a challenger, or makes it to finale night.

Having been at a point in her life where she was almost forced to put her dreams on pause, Wolven has welcomed and appreciated every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.