Police respond to home intruder call—when they arrive and shine their flashlight—they’re not ready

"We ditched all tactics---and died laughing."
September 25, 2017 5:53 pm Last Updated: September 28, 2017 5:57 pm

Being home alone, even with furry friends, can be an unnerving experience when things go bump in the night.

That was exactly why an 18-year-old Sonoma County, California resident called the police one evening.

The young man dialed up the police when, while home alone with his dogs one night, he heard a strange noise and suspected a home invasion. With his pups causing a fuss—and mysterious sounds coming from another area of the house—the caller quickly barricaded both himself—phone and all—and his dogs in a room and dialed up the emergency line, fearing the worst.

The police station’s deputies consider home invasions to be no laughing matter, so they dispatched to the residence as quickly as they could—ready to apprehend the crook and save the day for the young man.

Instead, they couldn’t contain their guffaws.

The Dodo reported that the police looked up to the roof, where the intruder was proudly looking out at the front lawn through the roof’s skylight.

It wasn’t a dangerous criminal, though—as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even a person at all.

Sonoma County Sheriff Office

The deputies “died laughing” when they spotted the home intruder, who was nothing more than an inquisitive, mischievous-looking Great Dane. He turned out to belong to the owner of the house, who, in his panic to hide from the home invader, hadn’t noticed that he was short one canine when he hid with his dogs in his safe room.

Before heading into the home, one of the responding deputies had heard a ‘scratching noise’ coming from outside the home, rather than inside.

The spokesperson for the police department, Spencer Crum, said that the officers had shone a flashlight at the house, in order to better identify a point of entry or where the intruder might be.

Of course, they ended up seeing a dog peering out through the top of the roof, instead. At that point? Crum said that the deputy had owned up—the police couldn’t contain their laughter.

“We ditched all tactics,” the responding officers had said on Facebook, “and died laughing.”

Sonoma County Sheriff Office

Once it was confirmed that the owner wasn’t in any danger of a break-in or robbery, the police were able to figure out how, exactly, an adventurous pup had managed to send the household into such a panic.

Apparently, it seems that the Great Dane, perhaps looking for some fresh air or just a look at the starry night sky, had managed to climb up onto a desk in the upstairs bedroom and get his torso through the skylight in the room, exposing his head to the open air outside.

The other dogs in the house, who were all much smaller than the regally-sized Great Dane, had started to cause a fuss not because they were upset about an intruder, but rather because they were frustrated that they couldn’t reach the skylight themselves.

The owner, in his panic over their behavior and his skittishness at being left home alone, had overlooked the fact that his largest dog wasn’t with him when he hid in the other room—and was too nervous to investigate on his own, which would have led to a discovery of the dog.

It’s a hilarious story, for sure, but definitely high up on the list of bizarre experiences the police station has seen over the years.

After all—how often does a caller report an intruder that happens to be his own pet?