Chicken nuggets bear this couple’s engagement ring during photo shoot

They must really love their nuggets
July 2, 2018 2:49 pm Last Updated: July 2, 2018 2:49 pm

We all have our favorite foods. Some like a nice juicy burger, some have a serious sweet tooth, and others take a healthier approach preferring to gobble down hearty salads. Still, whatever your tastes, we all have that one food item we can’t get enough of.

Still, I don’t know if anybody loves their favorite food as much as Brett and Steph love chicken nuggets! Nuggets have become such an important part of their lives that they’ve incorporated the food into some very important events!

When Brett and Steph got their engagement photos done, they incorporated their favorite food.


Many people have approached Canadian photographer Katie Silva for engagement pictures over the years, but Brett and Steph weren’t like the others. They asked her to take a set of photos that not only showcased their love for each other but for chicken nuggets as well.

In all her years of photography, Silva had never received a request like this. Naturally, she had to say “Yes!”

β€œOne does not say no to that,” Silva told Scary Mommy. β€œI’m that photographer who will go to great extents and intentionally embarrass myself to get genuine laughs out of you. But with these guys—they had ME laughing the whole time!”

With the ring being kept in a chicken nugget box, the couple joining hands via nugget, and the couple placing nuggets in each other’s mouths, there’s not one serious photo in the whole batch!


Perhaps the funniest photo though is one wherein the couple looks at a box of nuggets as if it were their newborn baby. According to Silva, this was 100 percent intentional.

β€œI wanted to give off the ‘new parent’ vibe to the shoot, only instead of a child, it was a nugget,” Silva said.


Partway through the photoshoot, Brett, Steph, and Silva received an insect interruption.

β€œWe took some shots down by the beach and got attacked by mosquitos,” Silvia said. β€œI mean literally attacked. Flying in your mouth type attack. So nothing goes better with nuggets than a side of mosquito, that’s for sure.”

Yet, beyond that, the photoshoot went off without a hitch. Silva obviously had a lot of fun working with Brett and Steph.

“It was great,” she said. “They are such a cool couple.”

This won’t be the last time Silva gets to work with them though. In late 2018, she’ll capture Brett and Steph’s wedding, which is currently being planned. No points for guessing what will be served at the ceremony!