Zoo discovered feral cat kept sneaking in. But when it fell into bear’s exhibit—they weren’t ready

Not exactly the way we expect these stories to go.
November 11, 2017 11:40 am Last Updated: November 11, 2017 8:32 pm

Bears are inherently unpredictable. That is why most stories involving them are generally tragic. However, when one cat walked into a bear exhibit, we saw the lighter side of these incredible animals and the power of friendship, to boot.

When one feral cat walked into a bear exhibit in a California Zoo, most onlookers were shocked and terrified for the little animal. But to the surprise of all, not only did this cat survive and thrive in the exhibit, the two animals showed the visitors that sometimes friendship can transcend even the more insurmountable boundaries.

In early 2016, a feral cat walked into a bear exhibit — it did not end as most people thought it would.


In 2016, guests at California’s Folsom City Zoo were surprised to find a visitor in one of the animal’s exhibits. It was a new addition to the zoo, but nothing like what they expected; a feral cat happened to wander into the zoo. Not only did it just happen to enter an exhibit, it specifically chose this exhibit and called it home.

But this cat seemed like have a death wish, because the exhibit it chose was inhabited by a 550lb bear.

“Every morning we scatter dog food out for the bears,” Jill Faust said in an interview with Humankind. “She started coming into the exhibit and eating the dog food.”

But this continued for months and the cat, named Little Bear, did not leave. In fact, she seemed oddly comfortable. So, eventually, zookeepers decided to accept the arrangement and Little Bear became part of the exhibit.

Of course, there was one 500-lb problem: what about the bears?


Most onlookers would rightly opine about how dangerous this situation was. But Little Bear was quite relaxed and never appeared to be in danger. Indeed, she seemed to have a close connection with one bear in particular, Sequoia.

“Sequoia walks right by her, she’ll walk right by Sequoia, and they’ll stay pretty close to each other,” Faust said in an interview with Humankind.

The two animals can often be seen seeking out each other’s company in the exhibit. They lay with one another and appear relaxed in each other’s company. The two became fast friends.

Their friendship is sometimes misunderstood by the guests.


While it is a sweet example of friendship, some find the close proximity of these animals a little disturbing.

“Oh my God, this is a regular cat!” Said one zoo-goer in an interview with Humankind.

“I thought he was going to be eaten by the bear,” said another zoo-goer.

But Little Bear is not in danger—she made her home in the exhibit and regularly seeks out the companionship of Sequoia, he big, furry friend.

We have all heard before about the power of friendship—but seldom is it ever exemplified in such a cute way. All wild animals are unpredictable and dangerous, and Little Bear could have been in great danger if she stumbled into the wrong enclosure.

Thankfully, though, instead of a tragedy Little Bear and Sequoia’s friendship is a heartwarming example of the power of friendship.