Carpet cleaner stops to put out a brushfire with his work tools

June 7, 2017 5:09 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2017 5:09 pm

Jared Aiton is a trained carpet cleaner, but he didn’t know that his skills would help him put out a brush fire along the highway.

Aiton lives in north Phoenix, Arizona, and works for Zerorez as a technician, a carpet cleaning company. Driving home from work one day, he came across an active brush fire along his usual route on the I-303 Loop. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do and felt a little helpless. But then he remembered he was carrying a tank full of water that’s used for cleaning carpets.

He put two and two together and pulled off to the shoulder near the fire, unloaded his carpet hose, and began dousing the fire with the water he had. Aiton told a local reporter from Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5), “Who knows how bad it could have gotten had it gone for another 15 minutes or so.”

“I’ve got to say it was a little bit warm, a little bit scary and I’m just happy that it worked out,” Aiton told the reporter. Everything was filmed and kept via an ADOT camera that happened to be mounted at the top of a nearby pole. When the firefighters arrived, Jared had done most of the work already as the flames were already out.

Brush fires occur in areas with dry and hot weather where bushes and shrubs grow. Some burn themselves out while others spread and grow in intensity, always having the possibility of becoming a much bigger tragedy in a short amount of time.

Aiton was happy to show up with the right equipment to help, but he was concerned that his company might be a little upset for using that water.  When he first told his employer about what happened, he was reassured immediately that the company water used for the brush fire was not a concern in the least. Instead, they celebrated his efforts and respected him for his bravery and quick-thinking.

“I didn’t really expect any notoriety or anything, it’s kind of strange,” Aiton said.

He said he’d do the same thing if a similar occurrence happened and explained his philosophy on the matter. “Anybody can pitch in at any time, whether it’s just holding a door for somebody, saying please and thank you, it starts right there.”

Source: Carpet cleaner puts out brush fire on his way home from work by on PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5). Photo Credits: CCO Pixabay