Brave 13-year-old fights off burglar who broke into her home

December 1, 2017 10:08 pm Last Updated: December 1, 2017 10:27 pm

When parents leave their teenager at home, they usually assume they will be safe. Of course, as a parent, there’s always a little worry in the back of your mind. But sometimes it’s not the teenager you’re worried about—it’s the dangerous and cruel people in this world.

A mother from Turlock, California, recently left her 13-year-old daughter home while she handled a few errands, and an unwanted guest showed up at her house.

(Facebook/ Bobi-Jo Pederson McCalley)

Bobi-Jo Pederson McCalley’s teenage daughter was home alone, when suddenly an uninvited guest rang the doorbell.

The girl followed her family’s rules and didn’t answer the door for the stranger—but then the burglar kicked down the front door and forced his way into the house. The teenager quickly ran to hide in her closet, according to Fox 40.

While McCalley’s daughter was hiding, she called the police for help, and as she was on the phone, the burglar helped himself to a tote bag and filled it with jewelry. While searching through the house for more things, he unexpectedly found the girl’s hiding spot.

(Facebook/Bobi-Jo Pederson McCalley)

To the teenage girl’s horror, the burglar opened the closet door. Having a choice between fight or flight, the brave teenager chose to fight. She screamed and started hitting the burglar. Startled, he took off running out of the house.

The teenager followed behind him and watched as he got into a getaway car. The police arrived just a minute behind him. The family’s home surveillance camera captured the entire incident.

Posted by Bobi-Jo Pederson McCalley on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Although the burglar got away, the brave teenager is safe. However, McCalley still wants her daughter’s items back.

On a Facebook post, she wrote, “A note to our robber.”

“My daughter, you know, the one you found in my closet, would like you to know that the navy blue nautical themed tote bag with braided rope handles you stole from her room, was her favorite… She would like it back, along with her jewelry her friends made.”

Hopefully the McCalley family soon finds justice and police will be able to identify the burglar, bringing safety and peace of mind to the whole community.