Behold the Manhattan bodega made completely out of felt!

June 12, 2017 1:38 pm Last Updated: June 12, 2017 1:38 pm

Bodegas arre a staple of New York. Taken from the Spanish word for “warehouse” or “cellar,” they are essentially what Americans in general call a convenience store or “quicky mart,” but they tend to have their own unique style! Between the internet, millennials, and millennials using the internet, bodegas are simply a dying trend. That said, one artist is making sure that people remember the past with a new project.

British artist Lucy Sparrow wanted to honor the classic style of the “bodega” by creating one of her own…out of felt! Reportedly, even the resident cat who lived in the bodega was made of felt! While some of the food is designed to look realistic, other food products have little faces on them!

According to The Huffington Post, “I wanted to create this all-encompassing art experience of a bodega, which is completely disappearing in New York City,” Sparrow explained, “And I’ve recreated this in felt.”

The project has been dubbed “8 ‘Til Late,” and is found on the ground floor of the The Standard hotel, High Line, in Manhattan. Sparrow and her crew made the bits and pieces of the project in London, and shipped it all to the United States in four planes. Weighing nine tons, it has been said that the project was made up of 9,000 pieces! Talk about your crafty puzzles!

“The convenience store and bodega is where you would go and see your neighbors and have a chat and see if everything was still okay,” Sparrow added, “I think we are all leading such narrow lives that we are living online rather than actually living in the present.”

Everything is for sale! A box of candy is $35 and a cigarette pack is a steal at $20. Obviously, this costs more than what you could buy at an actual bodega, and you cannot really consume these products in any sensible form, but they last forever.  “So you can get an original piece of art for as little as $15, and you know that’s incredible, that’s accessibility to the max,” she added. Then again, according to reports, you can actually buy the whole thing for $500,000.