Teacher opens students backpack. But the insane thing that she finds inside—’I was not ready’

Imagine seeing this inside a first grader's backpack!
September 2, 2017 4:47 pm Last Updated: April 12, 2018 6:16 pm

Anna Kate Hood became a grade school teacher not too long ago. As she was training to become a teacher, they told her that she needed to be ready for anything. Hood took it to heart, and she thought she was prepared.

Now she is a first grade teacher, and has a class full of wonderful and interesting children.


One of these students is a little girl, with an eye-catching hot pink backpack. One morning, Hood needed to open a students backpack—but no one could have prepared her for what she would see inside.

“I was not ready to open a book bag this morning and find two kittens,” she wrote on Facebook.


“My student said she even put food in there and wanted to keep them at her desk to cuddle with after she finished her work. Gotta love first grade,”  Hood wrote.

Needless to say, the photo quickly went viral. After it was picked up by LoveWhatMatters, other teachers shared their stories.

“When I taught kindergarten, a little girl from another class brought a mouse in her backpack. She had picked it up out of her backyard and brought it to school,” wrote  Wendy Carter Price. “All of us teachers were sitting there at recess talking, and kids kept coming up telling us that she had a mouse in her pocket. We thought it must be a toy and told her to come show us. You should have seen it when 4 kindergarten teachers jumped up on top of a bench or ran away screaming when she pulled a real mouse out of her pocket!

This wasn’t the first time Price encountered a student harboring an animal—when she taught 5th grade, a student brought a backpack full of frogs.

“They got out and were hopping all over the classroom,” she wrote.

Laurie Cuherpin had a clever solution: “Should have Sent them to the biology teacher😂”

Beck Kerr used to teach second grade, and things were no tamer there.

“A little girl brought 4 ring snakes in her pencil box. She was passing them up and down the row of desks to all the students while I was teaching math,” Kerr wrote. Then she learned a life lesson. “You should never ask a student to hand you what they are playing with.”

Sara Barnes had a close call with her class.

“One year  I had a kindergartner bring in a fish he had won at the fair… still in the bag of water in his backpack. Didn’t know it was in there until show and tell at the end of the day. He was still swimming, thankfully 😊”

What animals have you seen brought into school?