Australian woman gives birth to 13-pound baby at home!

May 30, 2017 5:15 pm Last Updated: May 30, 2017 5:15 pm

An Australian woman gave birth to one of Perth’s largest babies, and the birthing process was so intense, she ended up giving birth on the floor of her house.

This baby ended up weighing 13 lbs! (Source: YouTube/Whistle Blower)

Nina Tassell originally planned to have her child at St. John of God Hospital in Murdoch. However, when her water broke in the morning, she and her husband, Adam, did not have time to drive there before the baby came.

Adam’s sister, Sonya Anson, picked up the couple’s three older sons and called for an ambulance as Nina prepared for an unexecpected home birth.

According to Daily Mail, “I got down on the mat in the foyer near the front door but I was pretty nervous because I knew I was in their hands if anything went wrong,” Nina said in a statement. “Sonya was on the phone getting advice (from the paramedics) while Adam handled the delivery and told me when to push.”

According to Adam, “We got a bit stuck getting his head out, but Nina changed position and then I saw his eyebrows and then the rest of him came out beautifully. He made a few coughing noises and we knew he was OK.”

Adam has some experience with delivering babies, as he also helped Nina give birth to their second son. After their fourth son was born, the ambulance soon came and the couple was taken to the hospital.

Their obstetrician, Michael Gannon, confirmed that the birth could have been risky, but the couple handled the situation well.

Their son, who at the time was still unnamed, was born three days premature, but was not at all underweight. In fact, he was 5.95kg, nearly 13 pounds, which is nearly double the average birth weight of 3.3kg! Added to that, he was also 59cm long, which is still above average, at 51cm!