Elderly woman scolds girl for selling candy, bringing her to tears. Then man walks out—he does it

October 3, 2017 1:08 pm Last Updated: October 4, 2017 4:02 pm

Street vendors are not uncommon and can be seen on the busy sidewalks of many major cities. In reality, local laws require them to have a license authorizing them to sell on the streets.

However, these laws are usually not enforced on children, who may occasionally sell lemonade, hold fundraisers, or sell other small items for some spending money. Most people don’t mind, and many even encourage these kids to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Recently in Rowling Heights, California, two enterprising kids took to the streets selling candy. They got a piece of “prime real estate” on the sidewalk right in front of a Target store.

Along came a 77-year-old woman who was on her way to shop in Target, before she spotted one of the children selling candy.

She approached the girl and asked, “Where is your license? Did you get permission to sell here?” The girl appeared frightened and tried to explain that she was only trying to make some money.

However, the woman would not let up and demanded to see her license to sell, threatening her with arrest and jail time. She continued scolding the girl until she started to cry.

A woman named Andy Lizarraga and her mother had just finished shopping and were leaving the store when she witnessed the confrontation by the doorway. When Lizarraga heard what the old woman was saying to the little girl, she decided to get it all on camera.

She wasn’t the only one who was shocked. A man named Jay Lopez felt sorry for the girl and came over to intervene.

In an interview with CBS, Lopez said that when the woman mentioned to the girl that the cops were on their way to arrest her, he knew he had no choice but to intercede.

“How much is all that?” he asked the girl about her box of candy. “I’m going to buy it all.”

Lopez proceeded to buy $80 worth of candy and gum and shared it with bystanders, who were grateful to have witnessed his act of kindness.

Since the incident, Lizarraga’s video has gone viral on social media with over 5.6 million views, with many comments saying that Jay Lopez was the hero of the day!

Watch the video below: