Great-grandpa is speechless when he gets chance to hold his 5 day old great-grandson

June 12, 2017 4:18 pm Last Updated: June 12, 2017 4:18 pm

Every time a new life is brought into a family it’s a joyous moment. For the Zwolak family, however, that moment was extra special when their little baby Easton, 5-days-old, met his 105-year-old great grandfather, known as Pop.

When Susan Zwolak was nearing the end of her pregnancy with Easton, her grandfather, Pop, kept asking when she was going to the hospital to have the baby. Susan and her husband, Jason, knew they couldn’t delay introducing their new bundle of joy to Pop once he was born.

So the day after Easton came home, the new parents brought the baby to meet the centenarian, and of course they captured the sweet moment on camera.

“Wanna hold him?”

Easton, at 5 days old, meets his 105 year old great grandfather. This is one of the sweetest videos you will see. Pop is so happy.

Posted by Jason Zwolak on Sunday, April 2, 2017


As you can hear in the video, Pop was a little nervous about holding Easton for the first time. He didn’t want to drop the little guy. But once he had Easton in his arms he held him tight and snuggled him close.

“We never anticipated what we saw … the hugs, the look in his eye,” Susan told TODAY.

Since their initial meeting, Susan says they have continued to visit Pop three to four times a week, something she also did before having Easton.

And it looks like Pop enjoys every single moment he gets to spend with his great-grandson.

I was going through my phone yesterday and completely forgot about this video. Before we left on our trip to Canada we made sure to visit Pop so he could see Easton. Every day Pop has steel cut oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Here he is rocking and talking to Easton while he eats. Easton was wide awake and watching Pop the entire time. Watching these two interact is amazing. Especially considering there is a 105 year age gap. #familytime #105yearold #EastonandPop

Posted by Jason Zwolak on Monday, April 24, 2017


The two of them are SO precious!

The Zwolaks do their best to capture the sweet moments between Easton and Pop because grandpa likes to watch the videos and look at the pictures of the two. They also want to be able to show Easton the special bond he shared with his great-grandfather.

Jason told TODAY how he believed that technology can bring the young and the old together in a special way. “With this, we’re able to drive Pop now and give him more reason to stay around,” he said about recording the two.

We’re all for more videos of Easton and his great-grandfather, the two of them together are too cute!

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