This Officer Is Too Scared to Pick Up This Snapping Turtle

June 6, 2019 Updated: June 12, 2019

A hilarious video has gone viral online of the attempts of two police officers in the US trying to rescue escaped turtles using a wooden crate and a police shield.

The intrepid officers whose day to day job entails fighting crime and dealing with bad guys are clearly terrified of the tiny motionless creatures and employ increasingly desperate measures to rescue them and take them to safety.

In the first clip, a jumpy policeman’s initial attempt to get the turtle into a wooden box are thwarted as the docile creature dares to move when the officer tries to pick it up, leading to the policeman dancing Kung fu style as he backs away, much to the hilarious laughter of those assembled.

The officer tries a different angle by turning the wooden crate on its side and trying to slide the turtle in. Unfortunately, the turtle again moves and thrashes out its tail again leaving the officer to dance some more. Eventually the turtle is slid into the box with the aid of a nightstick and the officer turns the box back to the normal way around to capture the tiny creature.

In the second clip, we see a fully armored officer filmed from his dashcam as he tries to ferry a larger turtle away from a road using his riot shield. The stubborn animal is having none of it, however, and steadfastly refuses to move where the officer wants it to go. The unsure policeman repeatedly moves the shield to force the animal away from his car and towards the grass verge. The clip ends with the officer no nearer to completing the task and beginning to look exasperated.

Video Credit: JukinVideo