A Real Danger

We Face Serious Threat as a Nation

  • 1. This country is in trouble. 51% of voting age young Americans surveyed prefer to live in either a socialist or communist society*.
  • 2. If this trend continues, within the next decade, America can very well be a socialist country.
  • 3. Six corporations control ninety percent of the news outlets in America. They’re not out to tell you the truth of what’s happening; they only tell you the picture of the world that they represent.
  • 4. For decades, ideas stemming from communist ideology have been moving America away from the free society grounded in traditional values that our Founding Fathers created.
  • 5. These ideas create social turmoil, hatred, division, frustration, violence, and barbarous behavior; and break down the morality at the foundations of society. These same ideas have also found their way into government, schools, and other key institutions in the United States.

* YouGov Survey

The Best Defense

The Epoch Times Stands Firmly Against these Realities

We Stand Against This Subversion

  • 1. The Epoch Times has the wisdom to expose the evil nature of communism and its infiltration into our media, schools, or government, churches, and society.
  • 2. The Epoch Times has the courage to expose fake news, to safeguard the values this country was founded on, and to report important stories not covered by other news outlets.
  • 3. Built on the values of Truth and Tradition, and based on the virtue of compassion, The Epoch Times promotes long-established universal values that represent the best of humankind.

We’ve Been Fighting a Long Battle

Since our founding in 2000, the Chinese Communist Party, with its multi-billion dollar lobbying and overseas propaganda budget, has relentlessly tried to stop The Epoch Times. It’s not easy to stand up to the world’s biggest dictatorship, with the world’s largest propaganda and fake news operations, but we have managed to do so.

These are some of the many challenges we face:

1. Since we work tirelessly to expose the evil nature and deeds of communism, the Chinese Communist Party has threatened and intimidated our advertisers and ad agencies.

2. By bad-mouthing us at every opportunity, the Chinese regime makes it clear to U.S. companies with business ties with China that it would frown upon them working with us.

3. The Chinese regime has had its agents steal our newspapers, steal our newspaper boxes, vandalized our offices, and spread misinformation about us abroad. Inside China, the regime has jailed and tortured our journalists.

In 2006, Dr. Peter Li, Chief Technical Officer of Epoch Times, was beaten, tied up, blindfolded with duct tape and robbed of two laptop computers last week by three Asian men who burst into his suburban Atlanta home with a gun and knife.

China Web Critic Beaten, Robbed in American Home
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When All Else Fails: Threats
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This Did Not Stop Us

Despite these challenges, and thanks to our readers, we’ve been able to grow and flourish. We are now actively switching to a reader-based business model, through subscriptions and donations. You can help make the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts meaningless—and help us expand! To achieve this, we need your help!

Contribution of The Epoch Times to Society

  • Truthful and unbiased reporting on America, and impact on you and your family
  • Reporting on what the Trump administration work and achievements, including the real possibility of a Trump victory in 2016
  • Leading the reporting on the China Threat over the last 20 years
  • Exposing communist thought in our government, schools, universities, popular culture, media and etc.
  • Reporting on the persecution of Falun Gong, which is important, but underreported.
  • Exposing live organ harvesting in China, which is important, but underreported.
  • Spreading the truth through Freegate secure anti-censorship software
  • Providing an acclaimed Mind & Body section, incorporating alternative and traditional wellness.

Call for Support

The Power of your Contribution

  • 1. Publish truthful news. (Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.)
  • 2. Build a nonpartisan, independent media that stands outside of any political interests.
  • 3. Research and expose the true nature of communism and its impact on our media, our schools, our government, our religious institutions, and our society as a whole.
  • 4. Report stories within the United States and abroad that are rarely reported by other media outlets.
  • 5. Safeguard a forum for discussion of traditional values and the traditional vision of journalism.
  • 6. Inform schools, universities and other public institutions with our content.

What Your Contribution Achieves

  • $50

    — Help five students to enjoy The Epoch Times and its positive and uplifting perspective for one month

  • $500

    — Help 1,600 residences test-drive The Epoch Times newspaper

  • $5000

    — Help make an ebook of "How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World," so that millions of people can enjoy reading it in book form

  • $10,000

    — Fund the research and production of a new investigative piece so that millions of people can benefit from it

  • $20,000

    — Fund reaching an extra 1 million people with an Epoch Times investigative journalism video

Please help make a difference NOW

Our Accomplishments

Truthful Reporting on Trump Presidency

Our White House reporters cover the following aspects of the administration without spin, without bias or political motives:

  • News
  • Views
  • Policies
  • Accomplishments
  • Intentions
  • Traditional Values
  • False claims against the Trump Presidency
The Epoch Times also reported reliably on the 2016 election, and accurately predicted Trump’s victory.

Our High-Profile Investigations

We have championed a new method of investigative journalism, bringing together best of traditional journalism, quality design, and viral promotion to expose corruption and subversion. Our work has included investigations about:

Reporting on Live Organ Harvesting in China

Epoch Times first reported on live organ harvesting in China in 2006 and has continued exposing this unprecedented crime against inhumanity since then. More recently, several mainstream media, including CNN and global mail have also reported on this issue.

Read more

In 2013, The Epoch Times investigative series “The atrocity of forced, live organ harvesting in China” by reporter Matthew Robertson received the Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Watch the video

Rigorously Exposing Communism

“Beyond business, the Chinese Communist Party is spending billions of dollars on propaganda outlets in the United States, as well as other countries. China Radio International now broadcasts Beijingfriendly programming on over 30 U.S. outlets, many in major American cities. The China Global Television Network reaches more than 75 million Americans – and it gets its marching orders directly from its Communist Party masters. As China’s top leader put it during a visit to the network’s headquarters, “The media run by the Party and the government are propaganda fronts and must have the Party as their surname.”

—Vice President Mike Pence's Remarks on the Administration's Policy Towards China October 4, 2018

The Epoch Times actively works to investigate and expose communist ideology, its history, theory, and true intentions. Our latest series, “How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World,” exposes the nature of communism and the harm it has brought and continues to inflict on the world.

Since “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was published by The Epoch Times in Dec. 2004, 320 million Chinese people have been awakened and denounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations.

Reporting on the persecution of Falun Gong, Tibet and other dissidents in China

The Epoch Times reports issues and events sidestepped by other media, but which are vital to exposing the harm communism posses to humanity.

Falun Dafa is also known as Falun Gong. It is a practice that combines teachings for self-improvement and meditation exercises. It was introduced to the public in China in 1992. The teachings of Falun Dafa are centered on three main principles —Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. It became quite popular because of the dramatic health benefits and improvement in moral standards that people experienced.

In 1999, former Chinese leader and dictator, Jiang Zemin, launched the nation-wide persecution of Falun Gong.

As a hate propaganda campaign was launched through Chinese state media, a domino effect occurred wherein U.S. and global newswires, as well as overseas Chinese media, repeated the communist regime’s lies globally.

Why is Falun Dafa persecuted in China?

The complex rationale behind the persecution can be broken into four elements: a paranoid dictator's fear of Falun Gong's meteoric growth and soaring popularity; that same dictator's intense jealousy of Falun Dafa's popularity; the inherent conflict between the communist regime's savage political ideology and its polar opposite - Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance; and the very nature of communism, which to sustain itself requires periodically labeling a small segment of the population as the "class enemy" to "struggle" against.

Learn the Hidden Truth from Declassified

Declassified uncovers corruption and exposes the bad actors, including the deep state, subversive movements, and nefarious individuals.

The following video previews this new, cutting-edge, series:

Restore Virtue and Traditional Values to Society

When Thomas Jefferson named the pursuit of happiness as one our unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, he wasn’t thinking about a quest for the latest gadget or short-lived pleasures, Happiness, as the Founding Fathers – who were steeped in the classics – would have understood, was about virtue.

The Epoch Times on Education – the case for an education based on virtue (Nov. 30, 2018)

This special edition talks a look at education and moral wisdom. It examines what happened when we shifted our emphasis from virtues to moral relativity; the disappearance of respect from our classrooms; and the ways in which harmful concepts from communist ideology have infiltrated our institutions for higher education.

It also proposes ways to reinstate character and virtue in schools: through teaching art and music; through storytelling about exemplars from history and literature; through creeds and rules of conduct; and through reinstating family to its central responsibility as a moral beacon.

    More special editions to come on:
  • Leadership
  • Medicine
  • Man and Women
  • Arts and Culture
  • ...
Reporting on global performances of Shen Yun—the performance arts company, started in 2006, reviving 5,000 years of traditional divine culture.
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Reader’s Feedback

Conscience Over Profit: Organ Killings in China

Entrepreneur Jeffrey Van Middlebrook turned down $60 million in R&D funding from China after finding out the Chinese regime harvests organs from prisoners of conscience.

“Once I started reading these articles in your newspaper I decided I could not do business with China.”

Read his letter to The Epoch Times

What People Are Saying

“I really find the Epoch Times as a bright light in an otherwise pretty murky world of journalism. There's real attention to the beauty and the reality of beauty.”

“And so when Epoch Times does that on a daily basis, then that elevates society just like American Masters elevates art. So there is actually an interesting parallel there I would say. You know obviously American Masters on a tiny scale compared to a pretty large scale from Epoch times. But you know, I like the comparison.”

Tim Newton,
Chairman of the Board/CEO,
Salmagundi Club Est. 1871
(Photo Credit: Milene Fernandez/The Epoch Time)

“And I think as a media company the Epoch Times can be part of a positive force for the culture and a positive force within this economic machine of capitalism to help elevate cultural products and ideas that are going to help heal society as you preserve the family.”

Carrie Sheffield,
Media Entrepreneur,
Founder of Bold

“It is not out of the realm possibility that 15, 20 years from now we are a socialist country, and I think Epoch Times has a huge role to play in making sure that we don't become that.”

“And so I don't think you can tell or I can tell The Epoch Times’ story without talking about its founding, about talking about brave people who believe in freedom and traditional values who fled after Tiananmen Square in 1989, who underwent really horrific personal experiences, persecution, torture, harassment, some of which still continues today.”

“Its goal is to tell the truth and not only about what's going on in China but… also acting as a bit of a warning, serving… kind of like Paul Revere saying that the British are coming but in this case maybe it's socialism is coming communism is coming and we have to be alert in a way to fight it because it's a fight happening right now everyday in our country and in many countries around the world.”

“I think the Epoch Times may have a lot of people who are just dedicated, passionate, tireless, defenders of human freedom and traditional values and are just united in what they're opposed to and they are united in what they are for. And I have just seen a lot of dedicated people who fight every day to put out a good product and educate people and tell the truth.”

Brendan Steinhauser,
Partner at Steinhauser Strategies

About Us

A Grand Epoch by John Tang, CEO, The Epoch Times

There comes a time in one’s life when you can sense something greater than yourself happening. It takes hold of you, sends a shiver up your spine, and provides the moment of highest clarity. It brings a comforting blanket of warmth and sense of purpose, and yet is so electrifying that one could hardly think to sit down if a thousand hours had passed.

In that moment you realize that everything has changed and nothing will be the same moving forward.

For me, that moment came in the year 2000. I was walking the sun-drenched campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, working on completing my doctorate in theoretical physics.

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A Brief Introduction to The Epoch Times

Started in 2000 by Chinese-Americans who fled communism, The Epoch Times was founded in America to bring truthful and uncensored news to Chinese people worldwide—people oppressed by lies, violence, and propaganda. The English edition of Epoch Times was started in 2004, and has upheld the same values.

In December 2000, a few months after we began publishing, 10 of our staff members in China were jailed and tortured. They were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 to 10 years, forcing us to work largely underground in China. Later, Epoch Times contributors continued to be targeted: One died in a Chinese prison in 2017 after 12 years in jail; another was just released on February 13, 2018 after over 10 years in jail.

Despite these challenges, we have been committed from the beginning to getting the truth out under difficult circumstances, and this is and will forever be part of The Epoch Times.

Having faced extreme challenges (financial, physical, and cyber) from one of the most despotic regimes on the planet, The Epoch Times has never stopped delivering on its promise to readers: to use traditional, upright, and true journalism to keep the public informed.

We investigate issues overlooked—or avoided—by other media outlets. We don't spin the news, push biased agendas, or create false narratives. We give the facts and context to allow readers to make up their own minds.

We report on a wide range of topics, from national politics, to holistic health, foreign affairs, traditional culture, immigration, and to food & lifestyle.

We also hold that one of the most overlooked stories of the 21st century is the global cultural and moral destruction wrought by communism, and so we take special care to expose this deadly ideology and the harm it has caused to us all.

In all that we do, we make an earnest attempt to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. This is our promise to you.