Ohio Teen Hopes to Build ‘World’s Largest Lawn Care Service’

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
June 29, 2016 Updated: June 29, 2016

At just 14 years old, Daron Taylor, has a bright future ahead—and it goes beyond what he has learned in school. 

Taylor started a lawn business simply because he likes cutting grass. He wants his business to last a long time and hopes it will be the “world’s largest lawn care service ever,” according to his GoFundMe page, with a goal to raise $25,000.

The Ohio native has his own personal business card to show that he means business.  According to Essence, Taylor and his younger brother go to multiple houses every day to cut grass. As the business started to boom, he soon faced logistical issues.

Below, Taylor details the full scope of his exquisite lawn bicycle, which was recorded by a man named Deon. 

“I like cutting grass, and I have yards that are way too far, right? So I don’t like walking and pushing the lawnmower, the weed whacker and all that other stuff,” Taylor told Deon in an Instagram video with nearly 72,000 views.

“So I saved up enough money to buy this bike right here, and I bought a couple of pieces of wood, and that’s how I got this trailer and the hitch.”

“This is amazing, man. This is a true entrepreneur,” Deon says as Daron holds up his business card.

Taylor has already raised $20,805 on his GoFundMe page as of June 29—and the page was created less than a week ago.

“I’m a ninth grader currently attending digital arts. I’m saving to have one of the world’s largest lawn care service ever,” Taylor wrote on the fundraising page.

“My lil (sic) brother and I cut multiple yards daily to achieve my goal. Please donate to help me buy new equipment and further achieve my goal thank you and God bless.”