Mexican Man Rescues Abandoned Newborn Baby Near a Canal With Umbilical Cord Attached

June 3, 2019 Updated: June 3, 2019

Most of us would usually come across trash on the ground while going for a walk. For a man in Zapopan, Mexico, he saw an abandoned baby on the ground, which changed his life from then on.

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, at around 9:23 a.m., Raul Marin Ceja, a maintenance manager in the Puerta de Hierro Reservoir, was taking a stroll when he saw a white bundle on the ground near a canal, the local media reported. He decided to open up the bundle as he filmed the process.

To Ceja’s surprise, a newborn baby girl with part of the umbilical cord still attached was lying in the blankets. Seeing the baby crying, he quickly contacted emergency services for help and sent her to the Zapopan General Hospital for treatment.

Illustration – Shutterstock | rSnapshotPhotos

However, nobody could find any information about the baby’s parents. Ceja felt that it was no coincidence to find an abandoned child. With his family’s support, he started the adoption process, and a new life awaits the little girl who had a terrible start in life. Luckily, he was there at the right time at the right place.

Indeed, when a person happens to stumble across a helpless, innocent life, like this tiny baby, it’s no coincidence. It’s heartening to know there are people like Ceja in this world, who gave this little one another chance at life.

But this isn’t the first time such an instance has occurred. Earlier this year in South Africa, a baby was dumped inside a plastic bag on a pile of trash that was awaiting collection. Apparently, a woman had secretly given birth at her home.

Hearing the baby boy’s cries, a scrap collector rescued the infant from the trash bag. The baby weighed 4 pounds, 6 ounces (approx. 1.9 kg) and was uninjured. He was taken to a hospital in Verulam on Jan. 14, where he received treatment for an infection.

That very same day, the mother was tracked down, and according to the security unit that found the baby, she was charged with child abandonment and attempted murder.

Colonel Thembeka Mbele, a police spokeswoman, explained that the newborn was found dumped near a trash bin in the suburb of Everest Heights. “A case of child abandonment was opened for investigation and a 31-year-old woman was later arrested,” she said, according to Times Live.

Security personnel from Reaction Unit South Africa found the baby after a passerby reported the cries of a baby coming from piles of trash. “We received a call from a member of public requesting assistance after a local scrap collector heard a baby crying in a bin packet that was tied and dumped on the side of the road,“ the firm said in a statement.

“Upon arrival medics found the baby in the bin packet wrapped in a denim garment. They cut the umbilical cord, which was still attached to the placenta. The child was examined and found to be free of injury.”

According to reports, the mother was undergoing depression.

Watch Ceja’s discovery of the baby girl below: