Man, 72, in Hospital After Being Restrained on Flight for 8 Hours

January 28, 2018 Last Updated: January 28, 2018

David Ukesone, 72, was hospitalized after being restrained on a flight from Dubai to Chicago this week.

Ukesone was traveling from Nigeria to visit his family and this was his first time flying.

There were no issues during his flight from Nigeria to Dubai, his family said. But after he boarded the flight to Chicago, he mistakenly sat in the wrong seat. He was moved by flight attendants, but they didn’t allow him to take his carry-on with him. The crew ended up restraining him for eight hours, the family said.

Emirates Airlines stated Ukesone was being unruly and they acted to keep the crew and other passengers safe, WGN-TV reported.

The family, however, takes issue with the airline’s handling of the matter. They released images of Ukesone in a hospital bed with an injury to his head and injuries to his arms and legs where he was restrained.