Man Vs Shark: Viral Video Shows Californian Kayaker Fends off a Hammerhead With a Paddle

April 18, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

This fisherman was just going about his normal day, out in the ocean, taking in some good fresh air, kayaking, and trying to catch some halibut. While kayaking, something accidentally bumped into his kayak, and he discovered that he was being followed by a shark.

Thinking the shark would continue on its way, the kayak fisherman tried to continue his work. He was surprised when the shark kept circling around his kayak and following him. When the shark gets too close to the kayak, the fisherman will use his paddle to strike the shark lightly.

It was probably a very scary moment for the fisherman when he noticed that the shark refused to let up. The shark continued to follow him and circle his kayak, and he kept striking the shark to send it away and discourage it from following him.

He had an oversized gaff and a 3-inch knife in the kayak, but he had no intention of hurting the shark at all, unless well, it became a battle to the death. The shark remained relentless, and the closest help was approximately a mile away. After some time, the shark disappeared for a while, and he was able to reel in his fishing line. While reeling it in, the shark appeared again, and that was when the fisherman decided, that day was not the best day for catching halibut.

He paddled back to shore with all his might and power and finally got to safety!

Credit: storyful