How to Forgive and Forget When Someone Hurts You

June 8, 2019 Updated: June 8, 2019

One day, a group of police officers were interrogating several people. A young policeman roared, pulled a wide belt from his waist, and slammed away at a young guy.

At this time, a middle-aged woman rushed over and used her body to protect the young man. This move surprised the policeman, but he did not stop. While beating them with his belt, he yelled and asked the middle-aged woman to go away.

Not scared by the terror, the middle-aged woman held the young man tightly, protecting him from the beating.

The mad policeman was unable to control his hatred, and the belt kept hitting the woman. At this moment, a small figure appeared at the end of the hall and ran over.

“Daddy!” He shouted.

Seeing his son coming over, the policeman who was wielding his belt stopped. He turned to his son and with a big smile on his face told him to have fun outside, he then picked up the belt again.

“Take the child away!” The middle-aged woman told the policeman resolutely.

“He is used to such a scene. This can’t scare him,” the policeman replied.

The middle-aged woman remained firm and dignified.

“Take the child away! One day in the near future, when he recalls how fierce and inhumane you were, hurting the kindest people in the world, he will feel ashamed of you. You will forever lose your dignity as a father!”

No resentment appeared in her eyes when she looked at him; there was only pity.

Standing there still, the policeman changed from being ferocious to confused, then to tears. After a while, he slowly tied the belt to his waist, bowed his head, took his son’s little hand, and walked away.

After a few steps, he stopped. Leaning over to his son, he gently said: “Say goodbye to auntie and thank her.”

The child turned and waved his hand, shouting childishly: “Thank you, auntie. Goodbye!” ”

When the policeman reached the end of the hallway, he turned and lifted the hand that had just wielded the belt and beat the Falun Gong practitioners.

The Mighty Power of Tolerance and Compassion

In the face of cruel and unfair treatment, the Falun Gong practitioner chose to let go of her suffering and instead safeguarded the policeman’s dignity as a father. Ultimately, she awakened him to his conscience and gave him a chance to be a dignified human being again.

This is great compassion and tolerance.

When personal safety is at risk, a mind that can still selflessly think for others is divine.

What is divinity?

Human rights activist James Green once said that tolerance is human and forgetting is divine.

The greatest tolerance in the world is forgetting. This divine quality transcends humanity and manifests the beauty of truthfulness and compassion.

As Shakespeare said: “tolerance are like the gentle rain which moistens the land. It blessed the tolerance, and blessed the be tolerant people.”