Her Ex Said Nobody Else Would Want Her–After Amazing Transformation He Called Back and Said…

August 23, 2019 Updated: August 28, 2019

Alvina Rayne, a young woman in her early 30s from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, was going through a rough time in her life. She put a large amount of weight on, was depressed, and her then-boyfriend was always throwing insults in her direction. But when she decided to make changes, she got back at her ex, achieved goals, and rediscovered her self-worth.

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As she explained in a YouTube video, Alvina had not always been overweight. She was slim until she found herself in an unhealthy relationship with an emotionally abusive man. He would call her a “fat piece of garbage.” She recalled something else he had said. “If I left him ‘no one would want me’ and that I was ‘worthless, ugly and would never lose the weight even if I tried,’” as per Daily Mail.

She managed to reach a huge body mass index of 42.9, which meant she was classed as severely obese. Her eating habits involved an enormous amount of unhealthy fast food. Due to feeling depressed by her ex’s comments, she “would often eat all the way up until bedtime” and “sometimes have two bowls of cereal or some M&Ms” in the middle of the night, according to The Mirror.

Because of her size, she was also struggling to fit into women’s clothing, so she would often buy baggy men’s clothes.

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But then something changed, and in 2009, Alvina decided to remove the toxic influences in her life. Those included both junk food and her abusive boyfriend.

“After years of putting up with the abuse and being isolated from everyone by him, something had to change, and it got to a point where I finally told him to get out of my life, forever,” she explains, as per The Sun.

And that’s when she decided to get her former self and her life back. She tried several diets, including Weight Watchers, but they weren’t suited for her. It was then that she discovered the Atkins diet, which led her to finally begin a ketogenic lifestyle.

“I switched to a low-carb keto diet, sticking to 75 percent healthy fats, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs and quickly started to lose a lot of weight,” she explained.

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Bài viết do Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle (@alvinarayne) chia sẻ vào

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Bài viết do Alvina Rayne Keto Lifestyle (@alvinarayne) chia sẻ vào

However, she also admits that it wasn’t easy. In the year that it took her to drop an amazing 134 pounds (approx. 60 kg), she also had days when her goals felt hard to achieve. That’s when she would recall her ex-boyfriend’s cruel words, and it made her feel “even more determined to prove him wrong.”

After achieving such a dramatic weight loss goal, Alvina started a YouTube channel where she gives viewers advice on the keto diet, weight loss, fitness, and health. She is a successful video blogger with over 40,000 subscribers and over 10,000 Instagram followers.

But even more importantly, she found love and married a man who treats her with the care and respect she deserves. “Now I’m happily married to a man who treats me like gold and loves me,” she says.

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As for the abusive ex, the young woman had her chance at revenge when he tried to win her back. He reached out after hearing about her amazing transformation and told her, “I heard you put on some hotness.” By that point, Alvina wanted nothing to do with him, so she told him to leave her alone.

“Now he’s eating his words that I’d be ‘alone forever and unhappy,’” she said.

This incredible story of growth and transformation does indeed show how one can overcome even the hardest of situations and come out smiling on the other side. Her ex-boyfriend bullied Alvina into thinking that she was worthless, but she found her worth, recovered her health, and showed him how wrong he was.

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