Heat Wave to Hit Parts of Country for Canada Day Weekend, Says Environment Canada

By Paula Liu, The Epoch Times
June 28, 2018 Last Updated: June 28, 2018

School is out, summer vacation is starting, and the hot weather arrived just in time for this Canada Day weekend. However, be warned Canadians: It’s not like your average hot summer day, because a heatwave is drifting north from Mexico.

A huge air mass travelling from the Gulf of Mexico has moved north and will be affecting eastern Canada, southern Ontario, Quebec, and even the Maritimes.

Environment Canada has released a special weather statement and an alert for the areas affected.

“An extreme heat event for the Canada Day long weekend,” says a notice for the City of Toronto. The notice continues: “Daytime highs are expected to reach the low- to mid-30s with humidex values into the mid-40s.”

The heat wave is supposed to start on Friday and the temperatures will go up along with the humidex levels in the Maritimes and southern Ontario, and Quebec.

It could be the hottest weather event of the season and because of the intensity of the weather situation, heat warnings are likely to be issued in the afternoons.

We’re about to enter into an extended and dangerously hot HEAT WAVE. Warning: Sleeping will be tough as overnight lows refuse to drop below the 20s,” tweeted The Weather Network today.

It’s important to stay hydrated and safe from heated areas. Environment Canada advises to avoid working or exercising intensively if it’s too hot outside. However, if working outside, make sure to take frequent breaks in cool areas.

Also, keep your pets hydrated and protect them from the sun.

High humidity makes the weather seem hotter than it would on a dry day, and the perspiration from the heat cannot be evaporated as easily on a humid day.

Environment Canada also warns to watch out for serious medical conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and to seek medical help if anyone is suffering from any of the symptoms of a heat-related medical emergency.

The heat will likely not be just contained to the long weekend, and it may extend all the way to the middle of next week, according to the alert.