Cop sees family of four inside car and helps them find a place to stay

December 18, 2018 Updated: December 18, 2018

It can be nerve-racking for some people when they come into contact with law enforcement. For a man in Oregon, his encounter with a police officer left a positive impression he’ll never forget.

In 2015, Robert Wood, his pregnant wife, and their two sons were sleeping in their car at Alton Baker Park in Eugene when police officer Lt. David Natt spotted them.

Eugene Police Department 发布于 2011年7月1日周五

The Wood family had yet to find a home since they’d just arrived from Alaska. They were sleeping in the car to save money and were not surprised to see Natt showing up when the park was about to close. However, what Natt did next was something Robert was not expecting at all.

“You hear so much in the news about this bad cop or that bad cop but it wasn’t like that,” Wood told NBC16. “It was kindness and understanding.”

Seeing how the family was sleeping in the car, Natt offered to help find accommodation for them to stay at.

“He’s like, let me buy you a hotel room,” Robert recalled.

Kristie Kilcullen presented a check to Lt. David Natt today, for the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation. The check is a portion of the proceeds from the Chris Kilcullen Motorcycle Ride.

Eugene Police Department 发布于 2015年9月3日周四

“I saw the kid on his chest and a kid on her chest,” Natt explained. “And this was a cold night.”

“Any of us could be right where they’re at,” Natt added. “It doesn’t take much. And like I told him, you give him an opportunity to gain a bit of time. A little bit of time is so valuable, and it’s so meaningful to them.”

Though the hotel room was paid for using a fund set up a few years ago by University Fellowship Church, Natt has helped many citizens using his own money throughout his career.

“It’s part of our three-word motto, protect, serve and care,” Natt said. “And you have to take each one of those in all circumstances to heart when you’re making your decision.”

Natt’s kind act has inspired Robert to help others.

“He made me want to be able to do the same kinds of things for other people,” Wood said. “He took away the shame and let me know that he’s just a person, I’m just a person and things like this happen. It was moving.”


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