Cleaning American Flags

May 25, 2018 Last Updated: May 25, 2018

A lot of flags will be flying for Memorial Day weekend, but there’s a lot of a care that goes into making sure the Stars & Stripes look great.

Jason Frick, co-owner of Zips dry cleaning, explains how to care for the flag, “When we clean the flags we’ll either launder them or we’ll drycleaning them depending on the composition of the flag, and if it’s cotton-based, if it’s a nylon-based, also what the dye is consisted of. We want to obviously make sure that the colors don’t run that we don’t have any issues with the flap degrading. When they are in the sunlight for extended periods of time it can have fabric damage. We want to thoroughly inspect the flag and make sure that whatever process we use for cleaning. A: Is how it was intended from the manufacturer, but also we just want to make sure that obviously, that you are going to be presented with a beautiful product that you can fly proudly for this holiday and hopefully many more to come.”

“Absolutely, very important to treat that American flag with respect and honor, it really does symbolize so much for our country,” said Fox7 journalist Jane Lonsdale.

“We are veteran owned and managed and so we take great pride in being able to offer that service. We offer that service every day to our customers, but we would especially like to highlight it for this holiday. We just like to make sure that all of our customers know how proud we are of the country and of the flag and being able to offer this service to the community,” said Frick.

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