Bobo Named D Magazine’s ‘Cutest Pet’

Congratulations to Bobo, an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd mix for winning D Magazine’s “Cutest Pet of Dallas” award. She was competing amongst 530 pets.

His owner Beth Bentley explains why her pet Bobo took home the award, “I think it’s the fact that she wears a smoky eye every day.”

Bobo is 11-years-old and in dog years that is 77, “This should be an inspiration to all of us that she’s hit her peak in her senior years,” said Bentley. She is now known as the Betty White of dogs, “She’s now a celebrity, at least in the neighborhood I live in Dallas, I live in State Thomas and we were walking around this weekend and everyone was was like ‘Ohh’ and I would show them the article on my phone.”

Caitlin Clark, the editor of D magazine, expressed her surprise that there were over a million votes cast during the competition, “Well I think we were surprised. We shouldn’t have been though, because we have done this competition several times before where it’s you know maybe the 10 most beautiful houses go against each other or different tablescapes for D weddings. But when we had people submit their pets, of course, it was gonna be just an insane amount of interest and we were really thrilled about it.”

The top ten aminals that were chosen were dogs. Among the participants was a kangaroo, donkey or two, and one bird.

Bobo is a rescue pup. She was really sick when she was adopted and at the time she was named Bowtie. Since she never responded to that name, Bobo came out by accident and she responded, so Bently changed her name.

The magazine, featuring all the winners with Bobo on the cover, is on stands now.