‘I Don’t See It as a Disability, I See It as a Tool’

January 30, 2018 Last Updated: January 30, 2018

Losing her vision hasn’t held back Ashlee Thao from becoming a standout violinist.

Thao, 17, from Kansas, was born with full vision but had cataracts when she was six months old. Surgeries to remove scar tissue were ineffective.

“I know that we are all flawed and we have different weaknesses, but those weaknesses, I guess, they empower us to become better people,” she told Fox 4.

She added, “I don’t really see it as a disability. I see it, like I said, as a tool.”

Jeri Hile, a teacher for the visually impaired said, “She has a real thirst for knowledge. Her blindness doesn’t define her.”