11-Year-Old Boy Takes on the Role of Father for His Disabled Sibling

January 22, 2019 Updated: May 15, 2019

Here we learn of a young Filipino boy who has been diligently caring for his 4-year-old severely disabled brother after his mother was forced to leave home and go to the nation’s capital to find work.

Alexis Peralta, 11, set up house in the principal’s office at his school to allow himself to care for his young brother, AJ, and his other siblings.

Cortes Santiago Phoebe 发布于 2018年7月31日周二

“He is always with me,” Alexis said on a Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho program, aired by GMA PublicAffairs. “I will never leave him.”

Alexis has to wash, cook, feed, clothe, and do his brother’s washing, with never a moment’s break.

“I can’t leave him, even just to buy food for us,” said a tearful Alexis.

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Although Alexis is just in third grade, he has taken on the responsibilities of an adult.

He carries AJ into class with him, sitting him on his knee and holding him as he does his lessons.

Cortes Santiago Phoebe 发布于 2018年6月14日周四

Their father reportedly left them several years ago, and when a stepfather came onto the scene, he beat them, according to Alexis, so he took his siblings and ran away. Their mom had already left to find a job in Manila to help support them.

An emotional little boy pleaded on the video for his mom to return. “Ma, please come back home,” he said. Little did he expect his wish was about to be granted.

One day during school, he looked up and there she was.

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It was an emotional reunion, and hopefully this little boy can begin to enjoy his childhood without so much stress and responsibility.

Watch the video below: