Video: Man Jumps Out of Car and Stops Runaway Semi-Truck

May 28, 2019 Updated: May 28, 2019

A driver’s dash-camera caught footage of him running up to a runaway semi-truck, climbing up its cabin while it was still rolling down the road, and bringing the truck to a full stop.

The man, named Liu Wenzhong, caught the truck rolling down what appears to be a mountain road in the coastal city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, China on May 22, according to Chinese state-sponsored media The Beijing Times.

A translation of the interview with Liu are provided below. The video has been edited to not show the original events as they happened in order.

Only the truck driver, surnamed Du, suffered injuries to his leg when his truck lost control. The report vaguely described him as being under the truck, but did not explain why. He was sent to the hospital, but no other details were given. No one else was injured in the process.

Stopping a Runaway Truck

Video footage from Liu’s dash-camera in his car shows him rounding a downward sloping mountain road towards a bridge. The semi-truck, which was parked on the right side of the road, starts moving. The driver can not be seen in the video. Liu swerves into the on-coming traffic lane, around the left side of the truck.

“At that time, I had no time to think about anything,” Liu told reporters, according to The Beijing News. “I was thinking about how to stop the truck.”

Liu said he was concerned that there were a lot of cars at the bottom of the bridge, and there would be an awful accident if nothing was done to stop the truck, according to The Beijing News.

Footage from the dash-camera shows that after Liu passes the truck, he slows down, only to see the truck grinding along the left side guard rail. He pulls ahead of the truck once more, and this time comes to a stop on the ride side.

“Did you think about your own safety?” a reporter from The Beijing News asks Liu in the video. “At that time, I didn’t think about it,” Liu said.

Liu’s dash-camera then captures the shocking moment when he runs alongside the semi-truck, grabs hold of it with both hands while running along, and pulls himself up into the cabin.

“At the bottom of the trestle bridge, there is a village, right?” a reporter asks Liu.

“If the truck kept going down ….Then the result would be difficult to imagine,” Liu said. “There’d be nothing I could do—if the brakes stopped working again, I’d only be able to turn the steering wheel to crash the truck and stop it.”

The footage shows that Liu was able to bring the truck to a complete stop in the middle of the road, preventing an accident.

The report gave very few details about the truck driver, surnamed Du. He suffered leg injuries when his truck lost control, and was sent to the hospital. The report vaguely described him as being under the truck, but did not explain why. No one else was injured in the incident.