Woman looked out from her porch at just the right time and saw these turkeys getting into trouble

Baby turkeys are surprisingly adorable
June 28, 2018 4:37 pm Last Updated: June 28, 2018 4:37 pm

As the seasons turn over and life blossoms all around, occasionally humans and Mother Nature cross paths in unexpected ways. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, residents are keeping their eyes peeled.

In the Upper Hill neighborhood, a town with a population just over 2,000, one eagle-eyed resident acted quickly on Wednesday, May 23, to save a couple of lives.

Christi DiLeonardo stepped out onto her porch to watch a turkey hen and her chicks.

(Facebook/ WPXI Tony Ruffolo)

DiLeonardo saw the mother turkey and her 10 poults trotting down Ajax Street and Hancock Street in her Upper Hill neighborhood. Taken with the cute family, she stepped onto her porch to watch the babies dutifully follow their mother.

But as they crossed over a storm grate, two of the chicks were separated from the group.

“I came down to watch from the porch and I noticed them go over the sewer grate and two of them fell in and I was freaking out,” DiLeonardo told WPXI.

The concerned animal lover didn’t waste any time putting a rescue into motion. She called Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and Animal Control immediately to gain access to the grate.

DiLeonardo didn’t wait for help to arrive to begin rescue efforts.

Though she couldn’t get the storm drain open without help from the city, she grew impatient waiting around for help to arrive. She employed some of her craftiness and ingenuity to get the chicks to safety sooner.

DiLeonardo constructed a makeshift snare from a small cloth and rope, and with some patience and gentle encouragement, was able to pull one chick out of the storm drain.

Just as she succeeded in the rescue of the first chick, staff from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority arrived and lifted the grate off the drain. With their help, she was able to pull the second chick out the drain in a matter of seconds.

According to WPXI, the entire rescue effort took about 30 minutes. But DiLeonardo wasn’t satisfied with just having pulled them out of the drain.

Following the rescue, DiLeonardo hiked into the woods and reunited the chicks with their mother.

The family was happily reunited, and the two wayward chicks were back under the safe wing of their mother. It was barely the afternoon, and DiLeonardo had already done her bit to make the world a better place.

In fact, she was so focused on pulling the chicks to safety, she hadn’t noticed the word “burgh” had become imprinted on her knee from kneeling on the grate.