When it was time for this teen with rare condition to go to senior prom—she knew just who to ask as her date

November 9, 2017 4:28 pm Last Updated: November 14, 2017 2:57 pm

There are a million “promposal” stories out there. The recent trend of asking someone to accompany you to your senior prom in spectacular fashion has become so popular, the phenomenon was given its own show on MTV. For the most part, it’s teenagers asking out other teenagers at their school with hot air balloons or flashy cars.

But here’s one whose simplicity, and the fact that it was 18 years in the making, is worth noting. In fact, if it weren’t for the person that Paige Walls asked to take her to the prom, she might not have lived to see the day.

Using classic “Yes” or “No” check boxes, Paige asked her lifelong doctor and friend Dr. James A. Lewis to her senior prom.

(Facebook/ Kelli Ross Guy)

“Of course I put ‘X’,” Dr. Lewis told NewsOn6.com. “Yes, I’m going to take her to the prom!”

Lewis, or, as his Paige calls him, “Doctor Grandpa,” has developed a special bond with his patient since first meeting her in the emergency room at W.W. Hastings Hospital when she was just a baby.

According to a Facebook post by Kelli Ross Guy, Paige Walls was only 4 weeks old when her parents, Mona and Charles Walls, took her into the ER for recurring seizures. Their newborn baby seemed fine between episodes, and the hospital staff told them they were just being paranoid first-time parents.

But Mona’s motherly instinct knew better, and she decided to wait at the pediatric hospital until the staff could witness an episode firsthand. Before long, her little baby’s body trembled before erupting into a seizure. Mona rushed over to the staff to show them what was happening to her baby, and they set to work on finding the cause.

Lewis was her doctor from that day forward. After careful examination and a battery of tests, he diagnosed her with a disorder known as CDKL5. The rare, X-linked genetic disorder causes sudden and violent early-onset seizures. At the time of her diagnosis, only 800 kids in the world had been diagnosed with CDKL5.

The proper diagnosis has helped doctor Lewis save her life countless times, but with the seizures came damage to her brain, meaning Paige is bound to a wheelchair.

When her original date—her dad—couldn’t get the night off work, she could think of nobody better to take to the prom than the man who made sure she lived to see the day.

“It is only fitting that Prince James and Princess Paige celebrated their lifelong fairytale at the Greatest Prom on Earth,” Ross Guy wrote in her post.

(Facebook/Kelli Ross Guy)

Dr. Lewis showed up to the date with a corsage that matched the dress Paige was wearing.

“You can’t not have a corsage for the prom,” he said.

In return, Paige pinned a boutonniere to his lapel, and they were off for a night that Paige will never forget.

Mona and Charles couldn’t be more grateful to the doctor who has shown their special child so much love.

“He’s a really, really amazing man. We can call him at midnight if we need him and he’s there,” Paige’s parents said of Lewis. “He’s been there, he knows her, he loves her.”

“She looked gorgeous,” Lewis said. “It was wonderful. It humbled me.”