Teen handles breakup in the best way possible by posting an odd request on Tinder

September 29, 2017 2:54 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 3:40 pm

When 19-year-old Emma Vowell’s boyfriend broke up with her she was left with a broken heart and two skydiving tickets. The tickets were supposed to be a surprise birthday present for her boyfriend. Not wanting the tickets to go to waste, she set out on a search to find someone to go skydiving with.

The hysterical way she looked for a platonic skydiving date has Twitter in tears.

During the week of his birthday, Emma’s boyfriend broke up with her.

Although Tinder is probably the last place you’d go to find a platonic date, Emma adjusted her bio on Tinder to advertise the tickets.

The sophomore at Purdue briefly described her situation and insisted that she was strictly looking for someone to go skydiving with and nothing else.

“Deadass just looking for a hot guy to go with instead,” she wrote. “Zero percent of me wants to hook up with you.”

A 22-year-old student also studying at Purdue matched with Emma.

(Twitter/Emma Vowell)

It didn’t take too long before someone matched with Emma and messaged her about the skydiving tickets.

Austin, a fifth-year student at Purdue, messaged Emma and inquired about her offer. He told her he had to walk his dog, but offered to send his résumé in the morning, as if he was applying for a job. Emma responded and told him to attach a cover letter.

And just as he promised, the next morning Austin sent Emma a cover letter and résumé detailing why he would be the perfect fit as her skydiving date.

Austin crafted a customized résumé and cover letter for the “job.”

Once Emma received Austin’s application she shared them on Twitter and asked her followers if she should bring the 22-year-old. The response was almost a unanimous yes.

Emma told BuzzFeed News that she ended up receiving a total of 50 résumés.

Despite the extremely creative cover letter and résumé, Austin was unsure how his “joke” would be received and he believed Emma would probably end up taking one of her friends.

“I didn’t think it would actually work out,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Austin assured Emma his schedule didn’t allow for a romantic relationship.

(Twitter/Emma Vowell)

So, when Emma texted him later to inform him of the good news—she selected him for the skydiving date—Austin was glad. Apparently he spent more time crafting his cover letter than he did on his homework the night before.

Although he added to BuzzFeed News that if Emma came across another applicant who she felt might better fit the position he wouldn’t mind stepping aside.

The college sophomore solidified her plans with Austin when the two met up for coffee a few days later.

The couple, er, friends decided to go skydiving on October 28th, so if you’re as invested in this date-that’s-not-really- a-date like us and the rest of Twitter, be sure to check out Emma’s Twitter. We bet she’ll have a few pictures to share.