Substitute teacher always gives the most for his students—but watch how the students repay him

May 9, 2018 10:54 am Last Updated: May 9, 2018 10:54 am

This video shows DUDEbenice collaborating with Douglas High School in Minden, Nevada so that they could find someone who has had an enormous impact on the students in that school.

The person this time, was Mr. Gonzales.

(DUDEbenice / Screenshot)

The man has been retired for over 15 years, but he still frequents at the school as a substitute, to help out students who need it.

(DUDEbenice / Screenshot)

The consensus around the school is that Mr. Gonzales is someone who has always gone the extra mile to get to know every student, and make sure that they’re doing good during class.

And his actions led to him being the chosen one for the DUDEbenice project.

The video shows him being led out to a crowd full of his biggest fans, much to his surprise after having a mock “interview.”

(DUDEbenice / Screenshot)

The students took turns telling him how much they meant to him. And because of the man’s love for America, they even arranged for a student to sing the National Anthem for him.

(DUDEbenice / Screenshot)

Mr. Gonzales looked like he loved every second of this showing of appreciation. It’s nice to see when someone that has always went out of his way for his students gets paid back in full.

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