Elderly woman has weird request for cashier—but how he responded—security camera captured everything

The customers urged Sean to put the elderly lady’s wishes before theirs.
November 8, 2017 11:43 am Last Updated: November 8, 2017 11:44 am

In Nova Scotia, an elderly woman and her husband walked into a gas station convenience store on a normal Sunday evening after filling up their car with gas. Unexpectedly, she made a strange request.

She asked the store manager Damon Hubley, whether she could have a quick dance with the young man, Sean Fraser, working as the cashier.

“I was happy to oblige,” said Sean, however, there was one problem.

The store was quite busy at that time, with a long queue had formed at the till as they were talking. Because duty comes first, “I requested her to wait a few minutes so that he could finish with other customers first. She agreed and waited just by the cash register.”

The customers urged Sean to put the elderly lady’s wishes before theirs.

They asked him to start dancing with her right away. However, Sean quickly served the customers on the queue first and five minutes later, he emerged from behind the counter to grant the lady her desire.

The others customers in the store including the old lady’s husband watched as the two twirled and span during the dance.

Sean details the short dance experience, “She started to lead, as we dance she also told me how much she used to sing and dance when she was younger.”

She was so thrilled that she even sang a few notes, and “her voice was lovely.”

The entire spectacle lasted for almost a minute, before she got so ecstatic that she shimmied out of the store still singing and dancing; forgetting her handbag.

“Am still available for round two when she returns to pick up her purse,” said Sean.

Fortunately, the precious moment was captured by the gas station security camera.

It serves as a reminder to people to learn to appreciate the simple joys of life. The video of the two twirling and spinning was posted on Facebook and since then, it has received a lot of attention from individuals and media alike. The Facebook post further praised the rest of the employees for the dedication on their work, true to their work slogan ‘Saving the World from Ordinary’ just as Sean’s actions had demonstrated.

A few moments of kindness and love can change the world.

The simple actions of kindness and love to a stranger demonstrated in this video, has been able to transform lives of many people directly and indirectly.  Share this story with a friend, and let’s all remind each other that the small and simple actions can make a world of difference. Moments like these help remind us that though we live in a chaotic world, full of misery and stress, you will always find something to smile about in the most unlikely places and moments.