Sons bring mom flowers for Valentines—Then she learns secret they were hiding from her for months

December 14, 2017 11:38 am Last Updated: December 14, 2017 11:38 am

Elizabeth Holt from Georgia was at her workplace when her husband showed up, flowers in hand. It was Valentine’s Day, but Holt wasn’t used to such extravagant gestures so the move was enough to bring her to tears.

But before Holt could fully accept what had happened, the door opened again and one of her sons stepped in, flowers in hand—a gift for his mother.

Holt was sobbing by the time her other two sons were through the door, each with a bouquet for her.

“We grew up extremely poor,” her son Matthew Collins told FOX 13.  “And even though we did not have much materialistic things…we have always had love.”

And all of that love stemmed from the love that their mother had taught to them and gave them as she raised the three boys.

It was then that her sons revealed that they had planned this surprise for months, and they weren’t finished.

“Where’s your keys at?” one of them asked her. Confused at first, Holt was handed a set of keys, before being led outside.

They prompted her to press a button, which set off an alarm that led her to a brand new car.

For some families, a car is a standard coming of age gift. But Holt had never had a new car in her entire life, and had been driving a pretty run down one to get to work every day.

“What is a more fitting day than to try to show the person who taught you what love is than on Valentine’s Day!” Collins said.

Her reaction says it all. Watch the video below: