Pup is found by soldier in a 50 ft garbage pit of medical waste in Afghanistan

“I know that I saved Mimi ... but ... I feel like she saved me.”
June 19, 2018 5:27 pm Last Updated: June 22, 2018 9:40 am

Being a soldier is a major responsibility. Soldiers fight to protect their country, their families, their rights, and, in one man’s case, dogs.

When Zack McEntire, a U.S. Army specialist from Aledo, Texas, was first deployed in Afghanistan, he didn’t expect to find little Mimi. Yet, when he did, his life was changed forever.

When deployed in Afghanistan, Zack McEntire found a puppy inside a garbage burn pit.

Zack McEntire fights to bring home Mimi – a puppy he rescued from a 50-foot “garbage burn pit” in Afghanistan…

Posted by Ajay Sachdev on Sunday, May 13, 2018

As McEntire, 26, was serving in Afghanistan, he came across a 50 foot garbage burn pit of medical waste. That’s when he found Mimi, an Afghan Hound puppy. Knowing that the pup would die if she stayed there, he decided to pull her out.

Yet, once McEntire had his hands on Mimi, he didn’t want to let her go.

“[I] fell in love with the little pup,” he wrote on the Paws of War crowdfunding site. ” So I brought her inside the camp and gave her a bath and food. After that day, she was with me everywhere.”

According to his mother, Nancy, this behavior isn’t at all uncharacteristic for McEntire.

“I can see him climbing down in to the pit to rescue the dog; he’s been a dog lover all of his life,” she told American Military News. “He would always say, look what I found. We have to feed it.”

Mimi has stayed with McEntire ever since.

With his time in Afghanistan ending soon, McEntire hopes to bring the pup home with him.

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Soon McEntire will be heading back to his home in Texas, though he doesn’t want to leave his puppy behind.

“If I can’t get help to get her home she will be kicked out of the camp and left to fend for herself or a team of veterinarians to put her down,” he told Paws of War.

That’s why Nancy contacted Paws of War to get funding to bring the little dog home.

“Zack’s mom reached out to us,” said Paws of War co-founder Robert Misseri. “Zack was concerned that he would have to leave Mimi behind, and it would have weighed heavily on his heart. Zack is a big animal lover. I said, ‘We are prepared to help you.’”

It would take at least $6,000 to send Mimi home, but with the generous stream of donations that came in, it seems likely the pup can join McEntire.

Misseri said there are plans to take the dog to a quarantine shelter for 30 days, where she will get shots and veterinary care before flying to the United States through Paws of War’s partnership with Nowzad Dogs in Afghanistan.

“Mimi is the comfort of home for Zack. He considers her his angel, and she makes him feel peaceful,” Nancy said.