Man completely ruins couple’s pregnancy announcement w/ family. Months later—father confronts him

October 9, 2017 3:02 pm Last Updated: October 12, 2017 6:51 pm

Some of the craziest candid conversations can be overheard at restaurants and eateries, but in one case of good intentions going awry, one server found himself to be the perpetrator of a total announcement disaster.

A family—a party of about 8 or 9—had reserved a table at a fine dining restaurant, but had left no particular notes as to what the occasion would be. The table consisted of what seemed to be a young couple, their parents, and a few siblings.

So the server in charge of the area came over, introduced himself and the restaurant, and offered to recommend something to drink. They ordered a couple bottles of wine, but one or two refused a glass, which was all normal. Then they ordered appetizers, and then the entrees.

“One person, in particular, had some strange questions,” the server shared on reddit. One of the women asked if the cheese was pasteurized, steered clear of all the seafood recommendations—and didn’t have a glass of wine.

Then it clicked.

The server and his girlfriend just so happened to have recently talked about having a child, and they researched many pregnancy and child-rearing things that turned up answers similar to what this woman was asking. So just to be safe, he asked her if that was the case so he could make better dining recommendations.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to push, but do you happen to be pregnant? My chef can prepare a nice list of things that are completely safe for you to enjoy!” he offered.

The table fell silent. The woman looked and her boyfriend, and he looked at her. All the family members exchanged awkward looks as well.

Then the boyfriend spoke up, “Well, we were going to wait until after dinner to announce it, but—we are having a baby.”

The server was mortified, and hugely apologetic, but it didn’t diffuse the awkwardness at the table around him. He ran back to the kitchens to convince the chef to give them some free desserts—one for ruining the surprise, one as a congratulations on the pregnancy, and so on.

Afterward, the server continued to feel bad about it for a few days, but then let the matter be. There was nothing more he could do about it.

But fast forward a couple of months—he was at Schlotzsky’s, picking up some take-out, and some random guy approached him.

“Hey, do you work at [name of restaurant]?” the man asked. He replied that he did, although he didn’t remember this man. He asked if he waited on him before.

“Yeah, you ruined our pregnancy announcement at dinner with my family!” he replied. Then he recognized the guy—and thought, oh he must be here to further harass him about it.

So he gives him an awkward laugh and apologizes yet again. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea. I was just going through something similar at the time and didn’t think to keep my mouth shut—”

But then the man interrupted him: “No, no, don’t feel bad at all. It’s actually the BEST story I have of my entire life with my son, and I owe it all to you. You didn’t know any better. In fact, when my family or friends get together, they all crack up every time they hear that story. It was brilliant! I just wanted to come up and thank you actually.”

It turned out, the botched family surprise the server caused had a good ending after all. There’s nothing like a fun and hilarious family story to pass on to the next generation!