Family comes home to find beloved dog taken. But what security cam shows—things get really weird

November 8, 2017 11:06 am Last Updated: December 20, 2017 11:27 am

In this day and age pets are often treated as another member of the family. Dogs are man’s best friend, and it’s no secret why. They are loyal, protective, and always know how to make your day better. But one Canadian family arrived home to find that their house was broken into and their best friend, Partner, was gone. But thanks to the families outdoor security camera, the culprit would soon be caught.

While viewing the security footage, Neil Haskett witnessed a blonde woman in a powder blue jacket petting their dog while he was tied up in the front yard.

Later in the day, the Haskett family moved Partner inside before leaving for the afternoon. But locked doors did not stop Heather Zeffer from breaking into their home to steal Partner.

The Haskett’s posted the security footage and images of Partner on social media in hopes of finding some answers. Within a few hours, they received dozens of leads as to where their beloved dog might be.

The next morning the family thoroughly searched the suspected areas, eventually finding a woman, who matched the person on their security footage, walking a dog who resembled Partner.

But there was one noticeable difference; the dog was almost completely bald.

Neil Haskett took matters into his own hands by confronting the woman, stating she had stolen their family dog and shaved him to conceal his identity. He was met with plenty of resistance from the woman, as she claimed she got the dog from a shelter months ago.
Haskett grew tired of hearing excuses and called the police to sort out the matter.

Once they arrived, the police took custody of the dog to a nearby vet hoping to discover its true identity.

After scanning the dog for a microchip, the vet discovered that Partner was indeed the stolen dog and the family was finally reunited with their best friend.

In an interview with Northern Life, Haskett said that his children were mortified someone would steal and shave their dog. He also stated Partner was scared to be left alone but quickly recovering from the traumatic events at home.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Heather Zeffer was sentenced to one-year probation in November of 2014, which included avoiding all contact with the Haskett family.
During the proceedings, Zeffer claimed she was worried about the dog’s well-being attempting to justify why she took him.

Zeffer states she took Partner to a vet to be checked for scabies, causing them to shave all of his hair off except for his head and tail—though the vet and salon owners told that Partner had been in good health and condition. Zeffer stated she truly regrets her actions and did not intend to cause harm to anyone.

Ontario Court Justice Norman Glaude told Zeffer the health of the animal did not concern her. Because of this, and additional charges she had prior, the judge also mandated that Zeffer attend rehab for psychological issues.

Ultimately, the Haskett family is happy with the outcome, having their beloved pet back, and hope Zeffer receives the help she needs.

“We want her to get help more than anything,” Neil said.