Mom shopping with 2 kids, when they start crying—when she tries to leave—stranger picks up her son

"Kindness and understanding goes a long way."
March 26, 2018 9:27 am Last Updated: March 26, 2018 9:27 am

Educators and parents can tell you that caring for young children is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Not only is it physically demanding, but the mental stresses of dealing with a tiny human being new to the world can also wear you down.

One Texas woman knew this all too well. When her two babies began to make a scene in their local Target, the beleaguered mother, deprived of sleep and at her wits’ end, desperately needed a helping hand. 

And that is exactly what she got when her “angel” stepped up and gave her the support she needed. 

While doing some shopping at her local Target, Rebecca Paterson’s kids began to scream and cry.


On March 19, Pearland, Texas, resident Rebecca Paterson was with her two sons, 2-month-old Aiden and 2-year-old Jacob, at her local Target. Her toddler is energetic, and with a newborn too, she was exhausted. Still, she only needed a few things and decided it would not take too long.

“It was like my first time out, really, with the both of them,” Paterson told KHOU11 News.

Paterson with her boys walked into the store to do her shopping. She started putting items in her cart, but just as she was getting comfortable she found herself in the unenviable, yet common, position many parents with young children find themselves in.

“The baby starts crying, then Jacob starts crying harder,” Paterson said.

She was at her wits’ end and not at all sure what to do—but then her angel stepped in to help.


Complicating matters, Paterson was feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. This only served to make her whole situation more overwhelming. Embarrassed and stressed out, Paterson started putting everything back on the shelf so she could make a swift exit.

But someone was watching and that someone got exactly how she was feeling. And so this woman, a complete stranger to Paterson, walked straight up to her and offered a helping hand.

“I said, ‘go ahead and do your grocery shopping and I’ll just hold Jacob and I’ll talk to him,’” Tiffany Guillory told KHOU11 News.

Guillory took crying Jacob and held him in her arms while his tired mom got the shopping done.

(Photo By Steven Depolo/CC By 2.0)

Guillory offered to share some of the burden while Paterson got the last of the items she needed.

“I picked him up, I put him in my arms and I talked to him, you know, with a soothing voice,” Guillory told KHOU11 News.

Guillory, with Jacob in her arms, walked around the store for nearly 45 minutes, consoling the young boy, while Paterson finished the rest of her grocery shopping.

Though it was a small act of kindness, Paterson was deeply grateful for it. She called Guillory her angel and snapped a photo of Guillory and Jacob while at the checkout counter. Along with the photo, Paterson then posted the story of Guillory’s kind act on Facebook.

Paterson was grateful, but the response to Guillory’s act of kindness on social media has been incredible.

This is what we should do, this makes my heart smile.

Posted by Ashley Nash on Monday, March 19, 2018

Unsurprisingly, the photo quickly garnered thousands of likes and reactions. Guillory was touched, but totally understands how her small gesture made all the difference for the beleaguered Paterson.

“It really touched me because I know how it is,” Guillory told KHOU11 News. “I’ve been there. I have two kids and it’s frustrating. And that baby is two-months. So you have hormones going and people are looking at you crazy and I just wanted to help. God sent me there to help her.”

And Paterson is all too aware of just how true that sentiment was. For her, the intercession of Guillory was exactly what she needed.

“Kindness and understanding goes a long way, and I think it’s true, because I didn’t feel judged,” Paterson told KHOU11 News. “I had a helping hand, and I needed it at the moment.”

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