Mom hasn’t been in public without makeup for over 50 years. But one day—millions see her bare face

"She’s always said she’d rather answer the door without her clothes on than without her makeup"
January 17, 2018 10:30 am Last Updated: January 17, 2018 10:30 am

Makeup has been used in theater and film to great effect. It can make a man look like a woman, and vice versa, create the illusion of old age or youth, or transform a person into an animal. It’s an incredible tool, helping the actor to fully express the character they are playing.

For many women, their daily make-up routine performs the same function, helping them to express how they feel inside.

For 76-year-old Joann Hopkins, this is particularly true. She’s hasn’t been seen without make-up publicly in over 50 years. She wears it to bed, to major operations, and makes sure she touches it up before everything including small outings like grabbing coffee.

“I don’t think I was seen [without makeup] maybe more than once or twice and that was quite by accident,” she said in a video made by her son.

For Joann, make-up helps her to feel like herself.

(MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/Screenshot)

Yet, back in 2014, somebody was able to convince her to take her make-up off for once: her son, Christopher.

Christopher Hopkins is known as “The Makeover Guy.” He’s a successful singer, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker but his main claims to fame are, of course, his makeovers, which have changed the lives of hundreds of women.

Christopher first got into makeovers when he played with his sister’s dolls as a kid, but he likely would not have continued pursuing them as a career were it not for his mother. Watching her “put on her face” every day since he was little was a huge inspiration for him.

Joann inspired her son Christopher to become The Makeover Guy.

(MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/Screenshot)

“I watched my mother put her face on every morning for years. No one sees her without makeup. She’s always said she’d rather answer the door without her clothes on than without her makeup,” he said in the description to the video posted on his YouTube channel.

Joann was one of the biggest inspirations for her Christopher’s 2008 book, Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival For Women Over 45.

To promote the book and share his mother’s story, Christopher convinced his mother to remove her make-up and show off her morning routine for a YouTube video.

As she takes her wig off to reveal her natural hair she comments, “Kind of like the Wicked Witch of The West, y’know?” before telling the cameraman not to respond to that remark.

(MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/Screenshot)

After a quick haircut, she heads to the bathroom to wash her makeup off with a washcloth. She calls the experience “painful” and let’s the audience know “If I didn’t love my son so much, I wouldn’t do it”.

Once all of Joann’s makeup is removed and we get our first glimpse at her bare naked face, it becomes apparent that she’s a naturally beautiful woman.

But, since the point of the video is to show how she uses make-up to transform herself, she doesn’t stay bare-faced for long.

(MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/Screenshot)

We see a sped up version of her process. It’s lengthy and complicated, but it’s what makes her comfortable. She’s clearly well practiced at applying her make-up, skilfully using eyeliner and lipstick to enhance her natural beauty.

It’s mesmerizing to watch her move from her cheeks to her lips to her eyes.

(MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis/Screenshot)

With her makeup finished and her hair in a new style she says, “I feel more like me again, more like I feel on the inside.”

Yet the commenters don’t seem to care whether she’s in make-up or not. They think she’s beautiful all the same, and Christopher concurs!

“Of course, I think she’s beautiful with or without,” he writes in the video’s description. “She’s just not ‘who she is’ without it.”


Well, that’s how she feels anyway. At over 4 million views, Christopher is quite glad that his video has been successful, although he isn’t quite sure how it happened.

“I’m not exactly sure how this video went viral,” he continues. “I guess she probably didn’t expect that or she’d have never done it! Well, Mom. It might bring some new subscribers and maybe I’ll sell another couple books. So you helped me out.”

Not only did she help her son out but she helped herself out by being brave enough to show her natural beauty to the world, even if only for a few minutes.

Whether you like a natural look or enjoy wearing make-up, hopefully this video gives you the courage to show your true self too.

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