Man jumps off bus when he spotted police officer being strangled—but days later, he gets unexpected text

November 11, 2017 1:52 pm Last Updated: November 11, 2017 1:52 pm

Joshua Jon-Hill just happened to be riding the bus at the right time. A normal ride home from the gym, turned into him becoming a hero.

Usually we hear of a cop saving citizens and not the other way around. This time, the man in blue needed help, and Hill made sure he was there to save him. Hill was on his way home when the flashing blue lights caught his attention, but the strangling of a cop made him order the bus driver to stop driving.

“I then saw a police officer being strangled by a very big man across the road,” he explained.

The man was 6’5 and hefty, and Hill is barely 5’6. But he didn’t hesitate, because “that just the kind of person I am.”

“I ran up to the driver and ordered him to stop the bus,” Hill said, referring to the bus driver.

Hill did not think twice in saving a cop.

(Screenshot/ Little Things)

More miraculous, he ended up using a technique he’d saw on YouTube once, actually a few years ago, to save the police officer.

“I got off, ran over and used a technique I saw on a YouTube video to get the attacker off.”

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The attacker had a grip on the police officer being on his knees behind the officer, who was sitting down. “I could see the officer was in a lot of distress.”

“I put my forearm round his neck and put my knee in his back. It hit a pressure point in the middle of his back and made him release his arms, which freed the officer.”

After saving a police officer and other cops arrived, Hill kindly gave his information to the cops and got back on the same bus, as if nothing happened. “Simple as that, really,” he even said.

“The bus driver, who had waited for me, said, ‘Well done mate’, and passengers told me I was a hero.”

The bystanders weren’t the only people who thought Hill was a hero.

The next day, Hill got a text message from the officer he had saved, “saying thank you, you pretty much saved my life.”

Hill explained the feeling from the cop reaching out to as the best feeling.

“It was the best feeling ever to get that message. I knew I had made a difference.”

Hill has been rewarded with a certificate of bravery from chief constable of Leicester shire Police, Simon Cole and a silver bravery award from the chairman of the National Police Chiefs Council.

“It was a shock really,” Hill said of the award. “I have never received anything like this before and really wasn’t expecting it. One little act of kindness has turned out to be such a great thing.”

(National Police Chiefs Council )

Cole said, “It is not an understatement to say that Joshua-Jon’s actions potentially saved a life. I am hugely grateful to him, and was proud to join the chairman of the National Police Chiefs Council to present him with his silver medal and certificate.”

Hill was humble about his brave act, saying “I have a friend who is a police officer so I know what good work they do and what danger they have to face. I am happy I was able to help, and honored to receive the medal and the certificates.”

Civilians are heroes too.