Woman hears ‘loud boom’ at home—runs out in bathrobe, with dog and gun. But what police found—crazy

December 16, 2017 6:03 pm Last Updated: December 19, 2017 2:30 pm

It was a quiet Sunday morning when Brittany Ogden was sitting at home. She went to use the restroom—and then heard a “loud boom” coming from inside her house. It was a new house, new neighborhood, and Ogden was cautious.

Was it an explosion? Forced entry?

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It sounded like it came from the front door—maybe a window or the door got busted down.

Her 6-month-old dog Rowdy started “barking and going crazy,” so Ogden scrambled to her feet, put on her underwear, grabbed a gun, and ran to the living room.

Fearing she overreacted, Ogden called her fiance Brian to get a second opinion. He told her to check out the house while she was still on the phone and had her gun, so she took to stalking around the house and throwing open doors, checking all the windows, hoping to catch the potential intruder off guard rather than the other way around.

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Then she finally got to the hall bathroom. It was the small one, without a window, but Ogden wanted to be safe.

But as she pushed at the door—it wouldn’t open—it felt like “something pushed back.”

“I start freaking out screaming ‘I have a gun!!'” Ogden later shared to Facebook. Not waiting to confront the potential burglar, she set the alarm off, grabbed her dog, and ran out of the house.

Posted by Brittany Ogden on Saturday, August 19, 2017

Meanwhile, Brian was still on the other line, and told her he had to hang up to take the call with the security system company. Outside, Ogden hopped into her car and called her mother, letting her know someone had broken into her house. She’d gotten as far as the dollar store up the street when the police had arrived.

“Shortly after that the police call me and ask me to come to the house,” Ogden shared. She didn’t even have pants on at that point. “Police officer says he’s going to check the house out.”

So she sat in the car and waited….”until he comes out all to tell me that it was a curtain rod.”

“A freaking curtain rod.”

“I ran out of my new house in my new neighborhood in my underwear, set off the alarm & called the police…. literally no bra, no shoes, no pants.. a dog in one arm and a gun in the other… making a mad dash across my yard to get to my car… all because of a curtain rod. I’m done. Stick a fork in me,” Ogden wrote.

So I'm sitting on the toilet peeing this morning, right…. and I hear a loud boom in my house. Rowdy starts barking and…

Posted by Brittany Ogden on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ogden recounted the story with good humor on Facebook—and it unsurprisingly went viral, racking up over 100,000 shares in a few days. The story spread, a thousand new people friended her, and she was invited onto at least one show to tell her hilarious story.

“Yes, I really did run out of my house from a shower curtain rod in my underwear. That actually happened lol.”

I feel like since I have 1,000 new friends I should introduce myself 😂😂😂 soooo hiiii new friends!!! Yes, I really did…

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