Ex-fighting pit bull’s life is changed thanks to her new contact lenses

June 6, 2017 5:24 pm Last Updated: June 6, 2017 5:24 pm


Gremlin the pit bull is blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other, but she is now able to see, thanks to something many people wear every day to help with their vision—contact lenses.

Seven years ago Chris and Mariesa Hughes rescued Gremlin from a life of dog fighting. Since they adopted her, Gremlin dealt with various sicknesses, from a battle with cancer to a blood disease, and every time Gremlin came out a winner. Unfortunately there was one part of her health that didn’t seem to be improving—her eyesight.

Kiss me, I'm Irish 😘

Posted by Gremlin on Friday, March 17, 2017


One day the couple noticed their beloved dog had developed cataracts. It was recommended that Gremlin undergo surgery and while at first it seemed to work, shortly afterward Gremlin developed extreme pressure behind her eye, which caused her a lot of pain and left her permanently blind. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Gremlin then developed an ulcer behind her other eye.

The poor pooch couldn’t catch a break.

Please send healing thoughts, yesterday I developed an ulcer in my good eye and now I can't open my eye or see anything….

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Since Gremlin is farsighted, she couldn’t see things that were close up. This caused her to constantly bump into things and startle easily.

“Her quality of life was suffering, and we really considered her happiness,” Mariesa Hughes told TODAY in an interview.

The Hughes were running out of options. The couple started contacting doctors all over the country to see what their options were. They investigated the option to get Gremlin a pair of Doggles, specially designed glasses for dogs, but before they went ahead with those their veterinary ophthalmologist suggested contact lenses.

The couple opted for the contact lenses—and they worked!

Something incredible happened to me today and I have to share with you in the hope that it can help another dog that…

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Their ophthalmologist, Dr. Petra Lackner, said she only ever used contact lenses on dogs who were recovering from an eye injury, but had high hopes for Gremlin.

The Hughes said that almost immediately after Gremlin’s contact lens was put in they saw a change. “The best thing, though, the defining moment, was when she saw herself in the bottom of the door. You know the part where there is a little mirror-like kick plate?” Hughes said. “She lay down in front of it and just stared at herself. It was amazing.”

Who knew something that so many people use every day could also help a dog?