Got game? These two require no equipment whatsoever to play a game of ping pong!

May 25, 2017 5:02 pm Last Updated: May 25, 2017 5:02 pm

You have to love a game of ping pong, especially when there are no actual ping pongs being used to play it! In fact, the match these two are battling out also has no paddles, net, or ping pong table at all! All that is required is an imagination and optional sound effects (like these two do an amazingly accurate job of!). I love games like that, do you?

If you like games of imagination, you might also enjoy playing these games. They are made from scratch using only the imagination and contributed by ordinary people just like you and me.
My son likes to play a game that doesn’t really have a name, but I guess I’d call it “The ‘If You Absolutely Had To Choose’ Game”…  The object of the game is to come up with scenarios to choose from… They can be about normal things like “Would you rather have unlimited money or unlimited health?” Or, they can be about outlandish things that you would likely never face in reality, but you HAVE TO choose (saying “I don’t know” or “both” or “neither” isn’t an option)…  A recent example from my son (whose questions tend toward the disaster-ish): “If you fell off a cliff, would you rather break your arm or your leg?” You can make the questions as silly or as serious as you want. It’s fun!
I don’t know what this is called, but you pick a category (bands, foods, celebrities, etc.) and then take turns coming up with examples. Each suggestion must begin with the last letter of the previous suggestion. For example, if you’re playing with musicians, you might have Arcade Fire, Elvis Presley, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Silverchair… Whoever comes up with a suggestion that the other person can’t follow, wins. Decide ahead of time whether to count “the”s, etc. and whether people have a time limit. More specific categories lead to quicker wins, but slower play if you don’t have a time limit imposed.
Here is a game that I was taught, which is called “Breakfast Combo.” It is a guessing game and goes as so. One person picks a thing (relatively specific: “King Kong” or “trail mix” or “that necklace you are wearing” are all acceptable things. “babies” or “rocks” perhaps not so much). The other person guesses things (of similar specific-ness, i.e. you guess “Is it King Kong?” not “Is it large?” or “Is it yellow?”). The response patterns for the person with the thing are as so: “It’s more like X than anything you’ve guessed so far” or “It’s more like Y than X, but like X, Z”

Example:, you pick as a thing “sushi” and your gf guesses as her first guess “your bathroom.” You say “It’s more like my bathroom than anything I’ve heard so far.” Then your gf guesses “a glue stick” at which point you have to decide whether sushi is more like your bathroom or a glue stick. Let’s say you decide it’s more like your bathroom. You then say “It’s more like my bathroom than like a glue stick, but like a glue stick, it can fit in my hand.” (otherwise you’d just say “It’s more like a glue stick than anything I’ve heard so far”) Sometimes the comparisons can get very tricky–no repeats and no cop-outs! I like this game because it’s probably harder for the thing-holder than the guesser.

On a long drive once, my friends and I came up with a game (that no doubt many others have) where one person came up with a situation of something (anything), and then we went back and forth naming books or movies or songs wherein that occurred. So, for example, “a whale.” Then you could say (spoiler alert!) Moby Dick, or the Squid & the Whale, or Free Willy, etc. etc. or “suicide”, or “baseball.” It’s pretty basic and kind of mind-numbing, but it passes the time.

We ended up with a lot of supplementary rules (a third person acted as timekeeper/judge) that I don’t remember, but part of the fun was coming up with them (like, you had one challenge per round and if you thought the other person was lying, you could challenge them and they’d have to explain the situation in which the thing occurred; or, better, you could challenge once per round to name the author/director of the book/movie). Overly pretentious? Probably.

Credit: JukinVideo