Girl tries to beatbox and play the piano at the same time—but her cute dog insists on joining in

Turn on your sound to hear how good this duet is!
May 18, 2018 4:32 pm Last Updated: May 18, 2018 4:32 pm

A girl in Ohio was trying to practice piano and do a little beatboxing when her little white dog, Max, started barking and howling.

“I forgot how much you love the piano,” the girl told him. “Can you wait a second? Can you wait until I’m done?”

The answer to that question was “no.” As soon as the girl started playing again, Max started barking and whining. The girl can’t help but laugh.

“Hold on, Max,” she said. “I know you love the piano.”

Then she starts playing a third time and Max is still howling along. He continues to howl even after she’s stopped playing. By this point, the girl has nearly collapsed on the piano in laughter.

(Jukin Media/Screenshot)

“I’m afraid to start,” she says. “I can’t even get any practicing done in the house.”

(Jukin Media/Screenshot)

Since it’s clear that Max isn’t going to stay silent when she plays, the girl compromises with him.

“Ok. We’ll do a duet,” she says.

Yet Max starts howling even before she plays.

“You’ve got to wait for me. It’s a duet,” the girl asserts.

Max pauses for a second. When the girl starts playing again, he lets out his loudest most triumphant howls yet. The little dog might not be completely on pitch but he has SOUL!

“Nice job, Max!” his owner says after finishing the song.

She attempts a high-five with her dog but he doesn’t know how. That’s okay though. Soulful singing is far more impressive than a high five!

Credit: Jukin Media