Expert artist creates largest salt-based mandala

May 20, 2017 5:13 pm Last Updated: May 20, 2017 5:13 pm

Dino Tomic is a world-class artist who works in many different mediums. He has attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the largest salt mandala. Each project shown in this video generally took about 3 days (around 25 hours total) to complete. You will find Tomic’s work all around the world, but this particular endeavor took place at the University College of Southeast Norway where it was also displayed.

With a whole lot of salt and a whole lot of talent, he created this huge mandala.

Tomic has an annual “thing” in which he showcases some of his art just after his birthday. They are usually smaller projects than what you find here, so the display may not include the salt work or the large paintings he does. If you are familiar with his work, you already know he does all kinds of art. Most recently, however, he has been taking it easy and exploring tattoo artwork.

“There is a big chance that you will see way less normal artwork and a lot more tattoos from me,”

Tomic said,”It’s funny how ones passion can be reignited when you meet a special someone who has the same extreme passion for the craft.”

In a candid exposition of Tomic and his art, he speaks to the very soul that generates his own passion for the art he creates, “For some time now I have been living like a question mark – not knowing what I wanted – taking one day at the time. Experimenting with all kinds of different art.”

Jaguar made with black SAND This is how my mind works : after i finished the last one of House i struggled really because it was so hard to distribute the sand correctly ( size of the corns ) i was really not to happy with the result so my brain told me to do something even bigger and harder with the same medium. =) I struggled with the whole project start to end but i think it turned out ok =D i really love this kind of challenge and the ways you learn, discover, evolve while working on it so that everything that was working against you works for you =D I cant really write up all the things that i did differently but adapt to what you use! thats very important =D I used about 5 kg of black sand for this one. =D I have already planned out something new and interesting as the next project i cant wait to start it =D Oh and i will edit the videos soon – i was sick now for a week so after i do these large works i have barely any energy left to do anything – but im finally starting to feel better again =)

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Tomic follows in the footsteps of many who find their creativity can be expressed in more than a single medium. It’s the creative forces without barriers that multiply his talents, allowing him the freedom to explore and create.

“I feel like the question mark is gone now and that I have finally a purpose in life and a new goal I can strive for.  It really feels great,” said Tomic. He is also very quick to express gratitude to all of those who have supported him and his art over the years. Tomic expressed it this way, “It really means more that you think. The social media (you awesome people) have helped me through tough times more times than you realize.”

Source: Artist creates world’s largest salt-based mandala by dinotomic on Rumble