Employee’s car broke down before first day of new job, so he decides to walk 7 hours to get there

After his boss heard the lengths he went to just to get to work on time, he gave him a car
July 24, 2018 9:45 am Last Updated: July 24, 2018 9:45 am

On July 13, Walter Carr was faced with a tricky situation: his car had broken down and no one could give him a ride to the first day of his new job with a moving firm.

So, he looked on Google Maps, figured out how far it was to the client’s house, and made a plan.

(Facebook / Walter Carr)

Walter had just started work with Bellhops, a moving company based in Alabama. His first shift would’ve had him help move a family out of their home in the town of Pelham.

Unfortunately, the night before the move, Carr’s car broke down. One would assume that Carr would call out of work, given that he lived miles from the location of the family being moved.

However, the lack of transportation did not stop him from trying to get to work.

Carr attempted to walk to the house in Pelham, which was 20 miles and 7 hours walking distance away from his own house.

Starting at midnight, he timed it so that he would arrive at the house on time.

(Umberto Shaw / Pexels)

He ended up going 14 miles before being picked up by police officers at 4 a.m.

Upon hearing the kid’s story, the officers took Walter to get some breakfast then arranged for an officer to give him a ride to the house in Pelham, where one of the house owners, Jenny Lamey, opened the door.

When she heard about what Carr did in the past 12 hours, she couldn’t believe it.

Even when she offered for Carr to take a rest in her home, he refused, and said he would start the moving process immediately.

His actions inspired Lamey to the point where she posted about it on Facebook.

Somehow my original post was deleted. Here is it again!! I am overwhelmed that it was shared over 800 times in one day!…

Posted by Jenny Hayden Lamey on Sunday, July 15, 2018

“I just can’t tell you how touched I was by Walter and his journey,” Lamey said in the post.

She lauded praise on Carr, who she described as humble. Even when the rest of the moving crew asked Carr about how he got to the house, he simply said, “I walked.”

The CEO of Bellhops caught wind of Carr’s actions, and he wanted to thank the kid himself the best way he could.

Carr was rewarded with the CEO’s 2014 Ford Escape—it’s safe to say that the boy was grateful for it.

(Screenshot via CBS 42)

“Whatever challenge is in front of me, I know God put it there for a reason,” Carr told CBS 42. “It’s that never-die attitude.”

On top of this, a GoFundMe was started by Lamey, as she wanted to reward the kid even further for his actions.

And as a result, the page has well exceeded its initial goal of $2,000, reaching over $80,000. Part of that money will be donated to the Birmingham Ed Foundation, according to an update on the GoFundMe page.

All Carr was trying to do that one night was get to his first day of work.

Now, not only does he have a new car, but it’s one that he most likely doesn’t have to worry about breaking down. And he’s inspired millions with his dedication.

According to AL.com, Carr is studying for an associate’s degree in health sciences and plans to join the U.S. Marines, then study for a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.