Elderly man goes to fire station needing help with harness. When they find out why—rush to his home

December 14, 2017 10:55 am Last Updated: December 14, 2017 10:55 am

A tip of the cap to senior citizens who don’t allow their age to define them. Too often, the elderly are told what they can and cannot do. The key to longevity is remaining active—keeping your hands busy and making your brain work. That’s exactly what 82-year-old Jesse Lagunas intended to do.

Lagunas lives with his 63-year-old wife, Joyce, and all was well until they discovered a hole in their shed roof. He got a quote from a roofer, but it was way more than they could afford.

Jesse Lagunas decided to fix a hole in his shed roof himself after realizing that he lacked the funds to have it done professionally.


Before getting up on the roof, Lagunas took a trip to the hardware store and purchased a safety harness. This way, he would remain unharmed if he took a tumble off the roof. The only problem was that he couldn’t figure out how to put it on.

Instead of going online and watching a video about how to put the harness on properly, Lagunas went to his local fire station. He approached a couple of firefighters at the station, who started showing him how to wear the harness, unaware of what he intended to do.

After struggling to properly affix a safety harness to his body, Lagunas sought professional assistance from local firefighters.


Daryl Burns was in his office filling out some paperwork when he overheard the conversation between Lagunas and a couple of members on his team.

“Sean was trying to put the harness on himself and came to find out Jesse was trying to get on the roof to work on his shed,” Burns told KXAN. “[I thought] I don’t know if that’s the best idea.”

Out of concern for Lagunas, the firefighters volunteered to fix his roof on their own time.

“All of us had an opportunity with a little bit of time in our afternoon and it was like we can do something good with it,” said Burns.

The four firefighters went straight to Jesse Lagunas’s house after their shifts were over. The group repaired his roof within minutes, and kept the senior citizen out of harm’s way.


“They said, you go and start on it, and when we get off, we’ll help you come and finish it,” said Lagunas.

His wife was equally appreciative of their kindness, whipping together a home cooked meal for the team of firefighters to enjoy when they were through working.

The roof at the Lagunas house no longer leaks. But as far as Jesse is concerned, that’s not the best part of all this. “I’m glad to say now I have four friends,” he said through a grin.