Dog out for walk suddenly stops and refuses to budge—then owner hears ‘squeak from the bushes’

November 3, 2017 11:09 am Last Updated: November 3, 2017 11:09 am

Who says cats and dogs can’t get along with each other? This Canadian family provides us with a prime example of a kitten that loves its canine companion.

Opie the dog and Roscoe the kitten from Ontario are best of friends, and their owners described their relationship like that of siblings. Their close bond would not come as a surprise for those who know their story.


“There’s just a bond there that I think is exactly like human siblings. There was never moment where they didn’t bond. It’s as if they knew from the start they’d be close,” Lia Spilka told ABC News.

Their story started from a day in 2013 when Opie was out on a walk with Spilka’s partner, James Roode, when they heard a squeak from the bushes.

As Opie led the way, he suddenly stopped and refused to budge. That’s when Roode saw a newborn kitten covered in maggots, pinned underneath a log. As Opie kept whining at Roode, he whipped off his shirt and wrapped the kitten up, before bringing it back home.

Spilka shared on Imgur that the kitten was 2 days old when he was found. They quickly bathed him before taking him to the vet for a checkup.


Thankfully, Roscoe was on the mend after being rescued and started to open his eyes at 10 days old.

After 2 weeks, the little kitten was able to open both of his eyes.

He was first fed milk with a syringe, then progressed to being bottle-fed at 3 weeks old.

He loved to be cuddled after being fed, and would later crawl back to his box to sleep—next to his fluffy pink rabbit.


A year later, Opie and Roscoe had become the best of friends and loved playing and cuddling together.

“Living with them makes life feel complete just watching them grow to love and care for each other is a wonderful experience,” said Spilka.

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Spilka said that though there are other dogs in the house, “his favorite will always be Opie.”

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“When it was just Opie he was happy, but now there is such a friendship and love with them that Opie seems complete.”

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Thanks to Roscoe’s loving owner’s care and dedication—and of course Opie too—Roscoe is healthy and happy, and enjoying life!

See Roscoe’s journey of recovery here: