Caring sister turns to the internet for help when her autistic brother’s acne wouldn’t go away

"Holy guacamole everyone I did not expect so much feedback from you all"
July 18, 2018 11:04 am Last Updated: July 18, 2018 11:04 am

It seems that the go-to for asking for helping nowadays is going straight to the Internet, and that’s exactly what happened in this case with college student Callie Ross-Smith.

The girl is just someone who wanted to help her brother.

The 19-year-old girl’s autistic brother, Alec, was adopted by Callie’s family when he was just five.

“I have not met a single person, whether they understand him or not, who has not liked Alec,” Callie told Buzzfeed.

Unfortunately, the medication Alec has to take for his disability makes his skin dry, leading to acne problems for the boy.

Callie and the family tried to help him with it, but even trips to the dermatologists wouldn’t give them any solutions.

When nothing else was working, Callie turned to the social media website Reddit for help.

The site allows you to post in specific “communities,” and the one Callie went with was called “SkincareAddiction.”

(Facebook / Reddit)

In her post, she detailed Alec’s dilemma in full and asked others for alternative acne-cleansing methods.

“The oral medication was helping but it was interfering too much with his other medications to control seizures and his behaviors,” she said in the post.

It looks as if options at this point were limited, but Callie seemed determined to help her brother in any way she could, given that he was being teased at school.

But what she wasn’t expecting was the number of responses from the Reddit users.

Numerous users gave her advice on not only the medication Alec was already taking but on different acne-cleansing methods for the boy.

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“I’d want to stick with unscented productsΒ  just to lower sensory overload,” one user said.

Many other users also happened to have siblings with special needs just like Callie, so they all were able to resonate with her.

“As the older brother of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, it warms my heart,” another user said about Callie’s effort to help her brother.

And in the end, over 100 comments were on the post.

“Holy guacamole everyone I did not expect so much feedback from you all,” Callie said in an update. “My family and I are deeply touched from all your suggestions.”

Thanks to these users, Callie was able to find a routine that worked for Alec.

“I just want him to have the highest quality of life that is possible,” Callie said.

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