Woman had no idea she was pregnant—then she had a second shock, and what came next was life-changing

August 5, 2017 7:05 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 2:50 pm

One night, Claire Evans suddenly went into labor, and she didn’t even know she was pregnant. But that wasn’t the only surprise…

Back when she was 19, Evans woke up one morning with a strange pain in her right arm, and she could not pick up a single thing with the hand that hung limp by her side.

Her mother took her to the doctor for tests and scans, and then they received devastating news. Evans had multiple sclerosis, or MS.

MS is a condition that disrupts the connection between the brain and nervous system and can be hugely disabling. It is also an unpredictable disease with no cure.

Evans was at a complete loss. She was only 19, and now no longer in control of even her own limbs. She went on a strict medical and dietary regiment to combat the muscle weakness and vision problems, and months later, she was finally well enough to go back to work.

Evans had resigned herself that she would never find a partner or be able to have a family of her own, now that she was nearly crippled so young. But then she met Paul Whalley through work, and the two of them clicked almost immediately.

They began dating, and as Evans got happier, she also got healthier. In a few months, her MS had gone into complete remission.

“He seemed to pull me out of myself,” she said.

Four years later, she even gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

But then in 2005, with no warning, her MS was back. All of a sudden, Evans lost complete feeling in the right side of her body.

It felt like the worst news she could get, but this time she did not have to face it alone. She had Whalley by her side, as she was confined to a wheelchair and often bedridden for the next several months.

She was taking prescription steroids and new drugs, and ended up putting on 7 to 10 pounds of weight, which she did not think too much of at the time. She remembers the only thing that was regular was her menstrual cycle, which came on the dot every month.

But then around eight months later, Evans woke up in the middle of the night in immense pain. She got up to use the bathroom, and then saw she was bleeding all over the floor.

“Paul!” she screamed as she got on the toilet. “I feel like I’m in labor!”

It turned out that was exactly what was happening. As Paul ran into the bathroom, Evans delivered a baby. She scooped it up into her arms and, stunned, said, “it’s a baby girl.”

The couple was absolutely shocked—neither had any inkling that Evans was pregnant.

But they’d yet to realize the craziest thing—Evans had another bout of pain and then Whalley glanced down at what they first thought was the afterbirth. It wasn’t: She had just delivered twins.

The surprises didn’t end there either. Evans was rushed to the hospital soon after, and as she lay on the bed, her leg started tingling. Then her eye started to focus.

Within hours, the paralysis and numbness that had accompanied her the last several months was completely gone. She was completely better within a week.

“It was absolutely amazing,” Evans told Mirror. “I’d got my life back. I am a very lucky woman and every time I look at my twins I think they are my little miracles who saved me.”

They named the twins Charlie and Macie.

“Before I wouldn’t even have been able to change a nappy. But having the girls was like an instant cure.”

Watch the re-enactment below: